The Koala Track at Coombabah Lakelands

The Koala Track at Coombabah Lakelands

Our first visit to Coombabah lakelands was a washout; we managed to get to Boundary Track and then the rain came down, neither of us were prepared so with a mixture of disappointment and excitement of seeing so much wildlife we headed for the car.

Second attempt

We were hoping our encounter with the mob of kangaroos would be repeated and lo and behold there they were with their joeys half in or hanging precariously from pouches and their Mums (Jills) grazing on the grass completely oblivious to their antics. We however were very conscious of the large bucks watching us from a distance, so we kept ours.

Kangaroos Coombabah

What would a Tourist think of this scene?

Visitors from overseas would be in awe of this scene seemingly straight out of a tourism brochure with the traditional Australian outback … the soft colours the landscape, the way the wildlife blend into the background it was like a beautiful painting. This is the Gold Coast a place where people come for the sun, surf and Theme Parks and generally their only encounter with wildlife would be at David Fleay’s Wildlife Park or Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


It’s hard to believe we are only a stone’s throw from designer labels at Harbour Town…

Our plan for the morning was to continue on the Koala track till we reached the Boundary track, head west and follow the creek to the end. We followed the path for a short distance and soon heard in the trees overhead the distinctive howl of a Koala that sounds like a baby’s cry.

Looking up we were privileged to see a female with her baby, looking straight down at us. We had barely started our walk and had already been rewarded.

We continued on and diverted onto the Mangrove track the scenery there was unique the shades ground plants and reflections of trees in tea coloured water made for a nice photo.
The scenery is quite diverse changing rapidly, on the Jabiru track we were watched intently by Swamp wallabies peeping out around trees and disappearing the moment they thought you had seen them.
On a couple of occasions I was almost beside a kangaroo before I realised it, they melt into the background cover perfectly.

My Dad who accompanied me on this walk, walked straight past a large Kangaroo on the edge of the track he was completely oblivious to its presence. He wasn’t alone while I was taking a photo a kangaroo made its self known only when eye contact was made.

kangaroo looking at you
We joined back up with the Koala track and onto Spoonbill track and soon we could see Coombabah Creek (inlet).

We headed west along Boundary track until we reached the gate on the other side of the inlet and the main channel.
Heading back we again were rewarded with sightings of three Koala’s feeding in the trees above, one very large one, who probably was a male.

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If you enjoy the Australian bush and would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the coast this is a place to visit, but a word of caution, wear insect repellent during the warmer months along with a hat and sunscreen and finally take care around Kangaroos, follow the links on this page.

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

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  1. My husband and I are visiting Australia currently, we’re from the states, and were there yesterday birding. We were pretty awe-struck to have koalas, grey kangaroos, and kookaburras all within about 75m of each other. It registered to us then that we were really in Australia.

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