Shelter Road Coombabah

Shelter Road Coombabah

When I first visited Coombabah Boardwalk Myola Section  I was fascinated and curious about the other side of the reserve, the

reserve was alive with birds and the wattle was a brilliant yellow cascading into the water.

After a little research I found my way over to the other side and access via Rain Tree Glen.
But even though I saw the salt marshes and mangroves and walked the tracks and soaked in the diverse landscape,

I couldn’t find the lake. Why? The lake can only be accessed via Shelter Road.

Salt Marshes Coombabah

Shelter Road Entrance

The weather was warm, so I thought I would go early, which turned out to be a big mistake the gates don’t open till 8am,

so keep that in mind and don’t forget the insect repellent.
There are a few parking spaces before the entrance to the track, however I parked on Shelter Road and walked down the

tarred road. The walking track meanders amongst tall Eucalypt gums and is very picturesque, but unfortunately without

the insect spray on, I had to keep moving, I took a quick photos of the interpretive signage and kept walking and

waving my arms about. I had the feeling a dark cloud was following me.


What wildlife inhabits Coombabah Lakelands?

  • Common Bush Possum
  • Grey headed Flying Fox
  • Eastern grey Kangaroo
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Lace Monitors
  • Capet Pythons
  • Swamp Wallaby
  • Red Necked Wallaby










Abundant birdlife and much more…

Shelter Road Boardwalk
The boardwalk is a very pleasing rustic structure a well maintained bright burnt orange that disappears into dense mangroves,

I loved the way it twisted and curved above the water. I might add the mosquitoes were not so fierce here nothing like in

the Eucalypt Woodland behind me.

The Rustic Boardwalk
Bird Hide CoombabahAt the end of this boardwalk is a bird hide, I wasn’t expecting it and thought at some point a large lake would open up.

It did open up but behind a timber bird hide with large slats big enough for a camera or binoculars for birdwatchers.

The lake was silent a very serene place, just the occasional sound of the water slapping the piers of the boardwalk.

It’s a fascinating place, the day I was there it was quiet never saw a living soul.

Coombabah Lakelands
I highly recommend this location, but do take insect repellent in the warmer weather, I will be visiting again very soon

with an update, but next time I will be prepared.

Coombabah Lakelands Reserve

There are three quite distinct areas to visit all three below feature a map and details of how to access them.
Myola Section – Hansford Road
Rain Tree Glen- Off Pine Ridge Road
Shelter Road – Gold Coast Hwy (Brisbane Road)

Where is Shelter Road?

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