Walking – Duranbah to Rainbow Bay

Walk Duranbah Beach to Rainbow Bay

Went for my usually walk, I always decide at the last moment where I am going. Back down across the border into New South Wales, Tweed Heads to be precise. It was a lovely still morning on the Tweed River, very little movement in the water just magic. Lots of early morning hopefuls trying to catch a bite, but judging from their appearance they were just soaking up the day.

Jack Evans BoatHarbour

There were groups of scuba divers at a number of locations; one diver near Jack Evans Boat Harbour surfaced yelling with delight at the underwater world he had just discovered. Initially I thought that there were some large fish near the surface but it quickly became evident there were many scuba divers out because of the pristine conditions.

Never work with children and animals, what about dragons?

Busy taking my happy snaps as per usual, my theory is if you take enough photos you are bound to get a few good ones. Probably not the greatest strategy, but it’s the best I have at this moment in time and it seems to works well.

Bearded Dragon basking in the early morning sun

While walking along the pathway, there perched on a boulder was my first encounter for the morning with a Bearded Dragon, they seem to know you are taking their photo, much more accommodating than young children who will run off or put their heads down or look away when you are ready to snap that photo! The dragon was happy warming himself in the early morning sun, watching but not moving. I must say though I am a bit dubious of them, some years ago on Burleigh Headland I was watching a number of them scurrying  around ( I think they were Bearded Dragons) and suddenly a couple headed straight for me, I lost my balance and fell backwards. I remembered that scene on the beach in Jurassic Park with the baby Raptors. Continuing on my walk passed Duranbah Beach, I started up the pathway climbing the steps to Point Danger, and there was my second encounter with these reptiles! Just sunning himself wasn’t going to move for no one.

Took a couple of photos but didn’t want to get too close still having flash backs of Jurassic Park. And this time the ground was level easy access for a run at me, I have dropped my camera twice over the last 12 months, on concrete it’s surprising that it still works. Didn’t feel like going for the third time.

Third encounter coming up

Had a break, not that I had been working hard. Time to soak in those intoxicating views on Centaur Remembrance Walk, Tweed Bar, Duranbah, Snappy Rocks, how visitors must be impressed with this location. You just don’t know where to look first! Looking out to sea, watching a yacht on the horizon wondering where they were headed, looked down ‘lo and behold’ another bearded dragon the largest yet. Talk about the law of attraction!Third encounter for the morning

This dragon was at my feet, I didn’t think of Jurassic Park this time, I remembered being in High School and a poor unsuspected goanna being caught in the lunch area as we all filed out of class. It was the accepted belief that if you stood still they would think you were a tree and run up you.  Imagine the pandemonium resulting from that belief (I’m not saying that’s right; however I am sure someone will put me on the right track). This video below, is a visual guide of this beautiful location. Check it out before you go and make sure you are early if you want to see those ‘Water Dragons’.

Take a virtual walk right now from Tweed River to Rainbow Bay

The rest of my morning was uneventful except for the endless photo taking. The walk along the ocean trail around Snapper Rocks and Rainbow Bay is breathtaking.

View of Snapper Rocks from Remembrance Walk, Point Danger

What a day and what a place to live. The Southern Gold Coast is truly spectacular. Read more about what you can do on the Southern Gold Coast

See you on my next walk…..

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