Tugun Hill Conservation Area

Signage at Murray Street

My Experience at Tugun Hill Conservation Area

This park is described as small but diverse, the parcel of land was purchased by the Council in 2000.

It’s not a well known park only to those in the immediate locality; being off the beaten track figuratively speaking.

I only became aware of it through the activities on the Gold Coast Park’s website.
Gold Coast City Council offers from time to time guided walks along with environmental interpretative information.

One was scheduled for this conservation area, but unfortunately this activity was booked out so I decided to go it alone.

The entrance to Tugun Conservation Park at Mirren Street was closed for maintenance while work was carried out on some stairs.

So I had to find another access point…

Not having the street map my first mistake (always carry a map) however I still had a mental picture of the park, and knew that this was the narrow end of the park, there had to be another access point.

Fortunately I found it up the next street (Clancy Court). It is an elaborate fire trail taking you down to a rainforest gully below.

View Tugun Conservation Area in a larger map

This park appeared bigger than I imagined the rainforest section was very picturesque with fern trees lining the track and the air was cool just like the hinterland trails.

In the distance you could hear the roar of the Pacific Motorway reminding you that the hustle and bustle of the coast was alive and well.

Tugun bypass
Not having any knowledge of the trails, I was pleasantly surprise as the path meandered up to the ridge, towering gums stretched up through the tree canopy.

This was a little section of hinterland just beyond the Motorway and represented diverse terrains.

The hill was quite steep and with all the twigs and leaf litter and loose rocks, I suggest a hiking pole would be a good idea, especially upon descending the trail; this could be a challenge for some.


Tugun Hill Conservation Area is in the process of rebirth, and regeneration to bring it back to natural bushland and its well on its way to its original habitat. 

At the top of the ridge the area opens up and there above were a couple of hawk’s circling looking for prey.
At this point I caught up with the Ranger and the fourteen interested parties who were taking a tour of the area.

This conservation area supports quite a diverse selection of Australian flora and fauna.

  • Koalas (have been sighted)
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Squirrel Gliders
  • Wallabies
  • Possums
  • Abundant native birds  

Small patch of rainforest on Tugun HillIt’s interesting and enlightening to hear the commentary of how the park is being cared for to bring it back to native bushland.

The time involved and the process, where the removal of weeds and non native flora is a gradual course of action.

Bring the kids here for a hike

If the kids are bored on the weekends or their school holidays, why not pack a couple of snacks, take your hat and a bottle of water to Tugun Hill Conservation Park for some Gold Cost fun.

Hiking, bush walking whatever name or category you want to call it, this park is one of those hidden gems like Burleigh Ridge Park.

However very young children should be supervised, this isn’t a park with play equipment, its native bushland. Take all the precautions expected in bushland.

You can go for a bush walk or hike without visiting the hinterland.

Facilities No toilets or drinking water, some play equipment at Mirren Street.
Transport There are a few parking spaces at Murray Street access. Check this link for any available bus services
Attire Hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water and correct bushwalking shoes

 Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

Check out the Gold Coast Parks website

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