Swell Sculpture Festival 2010

Swell Art Festival

It’s a few months away, but I am looking forward to the Swell Sculpture Festival. This is truly a festival with a difference; to start with it’s free! You can browse through the outdoor exhibition virtually at any time and in most cases touch the artworks exhibited.

To walk the Swell Festival along Pacific Parade Currumbin is a delight; some of the displays can be interactive but most are for admiration, curiosity and awe. Most exhibition you attend these days attract a fee to enter and then you can’t take any photos or video, here you can do both.

Anyone can take great photos here…A fabulous afternoon at the Swell Festival

My primary interest in the Swell Sculptural Festival is to take photos; I love to see pieces of art against an ocean backdrop, some look totally at odds with the environment but yet curiously give the impression of being like they were meant to be.

I am a Gold Coast local and have the privilege of visiting this wonderful outdoor event many times over, I can enjoy a latte at one of the many cafes and watch the festival set up; it’s interesting to observe the assortment of people coming together for a shared result.

Swell 2009

Last year the weather was beautiful. On the Sunday afternoon of the festival the afternoon light was amazing hopefully this year will be kind to us. September is an excellent time to visit the Gold Coast; usually the weather is mild and the days sunny. Dates for this year’s Event have been scheduled for 10-19 September, Pacific Parade, Currumbin put these dates in your calendar and come along.

Recently I put together some of the photos I took last year into a slideshow/video, however I did get sidetracked by the ‘living canvas’ that is Currumbin Beach but that’s part of the magic of Swell.


Frank Miles - 'Off the Lip'See you on my next walk…. 

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Swell Sculpture Festival