Point Danger and Walking Tweed Bar

Point Danger

Sunday morning I decided it was time for a change of pace and I crossed the border for a short while…..it was worth it, but  before I entered New South Wales with just a few steps to the south it was time for breakfast.

Feeling hungry…Cafe dbar is a great option

Crossing the road from the Lighthouse (Point Danger) the Café on the corner of Boundary Road Coolangatta just looked like any takeaway with a few tables and chairs but was I in for a surprise! This was a café with a difference, I ordered my favourite breakfast and when it arrived I took a photo of what I’m eating especially when it’s  well presented and looks delicious.

The experience was very pleasant, I can’t think of another café on the Gold Coast that is anything like Café dbar. (I’m sure someone will tell me if there is) at first I didn’t notice the alfresco dining area deck overlooking Rainbow Bay… just stunning.

Art Gallery

The attached Art Gallery was a pleasant surprise featuring every imaginable art forms, a must if you are looking for a unique gift or maybe you are an overseas visitor.Entrance of Cafe dbar Art Gallery

When I am travelling overseas I love bringing something back distinctive to the area and created and designed by local artists. The whole building had an old world charm, if you want a lazy Sunday with a great breakfast and the most important thing coming up a ‘walk’ I recommend visiting this area you won’t be disappointed.

Duranbah and Tweed Bar

After breakfast I watched the Broad riders at Duranbah Beach and then decided to walk to NSW down to Duranbah Beach, continued heading along the beach to the Tweed Bar It was a sight to see. I have heard so much about the dangers of crossing the Tweed Bar. Heading up to the bar rock-wall (groyne) a small water craft was entering the south side of the bar and it was flying, I could feel my heart pounding seeing the top of the boat appearing from time to time between the gaps in the rock-wall if I was closer I could have taken some shots but I was too far away. So I thought I would wait awhile but no more attempts at this notorious crossing.

Deep blue waters of Tweed Bar

The sea on the Tweet Bar was a spectacular deep cobalt blue and churning like a cauldron. Not a good place to be in a boat, but what a ride if you were! The other side Duranbah Beach was a light sky-blue incredible when they are only metres apart.

Watching the board riders is hypnotic the rhythm of the waves washing over them, the anticipation of whether they are going to take the next one and the cries of frustration of others cutting them off was very apparent.

Snapper Rocks and Rainbow Bay

Enough of New South Wales, back to the Gold Coast and time to climb back up the hill; there is a pathway back to Point Danger.Once there it’s difficult to pull yourself away, the view is intoxicating how lucky for those of us who are fortunate to live in this wonderful place.

Take a virtual walk now….

After pulling yourself away from Point Danger head down the hill to Rainbow Bay the boardwalk is visible from the top of the hill.

Walk along this scenic route that hugs the beautiful Pacific Ocean to Life Guard Tower 1.

That’s where I stopped to soak in the surrounding. Rainbow Beach was alive with activity a very popular beach for families; I am told it’s one of the safest beaches on the Gold Coast. Rainbow Beach Life Guard Tower 1

See you on my next walk

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