Not much walking going on here…

Planning is the key

Woke early this morning expecting another dull start to the day, but it was sunny. I love walking early, but the last few weeks the weather has been awful. Just shower after shower although I shouldn’t whine I have been caught in some nasty weather.

Palm Beach early morning

There are only so many photos you can take on a dull day. Today is a good day, so first thing down the beach for a quick walk on the sand. (Because it’s good for you or so they tell us) Get those feet and legs energised for a great day. Walked a few hundred metres took some shots of Palm Beach, ( it was a little late, too much glare) glanced over to Currumbin Alley and sure enough the surf was pounding over that majestic location.

Currumbin Alley - Surfs Up!

Get up early for your walk

If I had been more prepared I could have got up earlier, but I have fallen into a bad habit of expecting inclement weather first up in the morning. (Must stop that)  Had to jump in the car and drive, it would have taken too long to walk.

She watches the pounding surf day and night, Swell Sculpture 2006

The end result was some great views, a few photos and a nice Latte at the ‘Beach Shack’.

If you love walking or running and you want to find a different location check out Palm Beach Directory there are a number of walks featured on this website.

Photographer taking pictures

See you on my next walk…

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