Desalination barge washed onto Tugun Beach Gold Coast Queensland

 Tugun BeachLook what locals found on Tugun beach

If you went for an early morning walk this morning you would have seen the desalination barge that was secure over the weekend now sitting on the beach.


Barge on Tugun Beach 2010

Rough seas over the last couple of days have brought some excitement to quiet Tugun.

Before the barge landed on Tugun Beach

Over the weekend I went for a walk along this stretch of beach which I will blog about another time, it’s a beautiful beach and it just looked picture perfect.


What a difference a few days of rough seas can make.

Video of desalination barge

I’ll like to say I was going for my early morning walk and discovered it, but I heard about it on channel Nine’s Morning Show. Dropped everything jump in the car with my camera. More details


This is what Tugun beach was like over the weekend.


 See you on my next walk….


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  1. With all the rain we have been having lately the Desalination plant is looking to be mothballed. Tugan residents are waitibng to hear what is happening. Thinking of moving house to or from Tugan, then please call Ashtons Removals.

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