Coombabah Lakes Boardwalk

Coombabah Lakes Boardwalk

This walk is best described as a combination of urban walking and scenic views. I have walked this boardwalk before but accessed it from one of the retirement villages that border Hansford Road.
This is my version of the walk that I mapped, it may not be the best route but at least it’s a starting point. If you access my map, don’t take any notice of the time it took me to walk the distance I stop frequently to take photos.

Crystal Reef Park
After parking the car on Hansford Road, I walked through Crystal Reef Park, this is a long narrow park that finishes at Marsupial Drive, and then I took a quick detour to look at Lake Runaway and headed right along Kangaroo Ave to find an access point to walk along Coombabah Lakes Boardwalk.

Coombabah Boardwalk Entrance

About four houses along on your left you will see a large stormwater outlet with a pathway leading to the grassy start to Coombabah Lakes Walk and Boardwalk.
It was last August when I walked this area and it was beautiful, the location was alive with birds and the noise was incredible. The wattle trees on the opposite bank were heavy with blossoms, however the photos I took didn’t do it justice.

Coombabah Boardwalk
There is a lot to be said for the names of the street in this location, Kangaroo, Marsupial and Numbat indicates to me the abundance of wildlife that existed before it was settled. opposite is Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area another walk on my list.
Eventually you will come to the boardwalk, follow it to the end; I hope your walk along this section is a pleasant one and the day is kind to you. Take care and be conscious of snakes, this is a wetland area.

Myola Crescent to the Esplanade
At this point I crossed over to Myola Crescent and headed over to the Esplanade along Coombabah Creek, the walk along the Esplanade is spectacular. The water this particular day was like glass a beautiful deep blue and so quiet, a hidden secret tucked away from view.

Houseboat on the Coombabah Creek
There were a few boats floating on the tranquil waters of Coombabah Creek begging to be photographed. Who could possibly resist?
Walking further along the path the noisy Sulphur Crested Cockatoos above remind you of your location… you could be in another part of the world. It took me back to parts of Florida, the little white fences facing the creek. I just loved it here.
Continue along this pathway until you get to Daisy Elms Park.

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You have two options

  • Head back through the Daisy Elms Park onto Oxley Drive and walk to Paradise Point
  • Or retrace your steps back to Allinga Park, it’s a pleasant walk through a long narrow corridor of trees bordering houses it will brings you back to Hansford Road.

On Hansford Road where you started is Coombabah Plaza a good place to refresh after your walk.

My suggestion during the warmer months is to walk very early in the morning. Winter is perfect!

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

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  1. Hi Jill
    We did the walk yesterday after reading your email message. A great and easy walk indeed and very enjoyable.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it, today I went to Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, on the opposite bank to the boardwalk. I will post some photos to FB and write a blog post later in the weeks.
    Thanks so much Siggy, I love to hear from my readers…

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