Check out the Southern Gold Coast for walks..

Walking for pleasure is important

It’s not just about keeping fit but more about being aware of your surroundings. Living on the Gold Coast makes walking a pleasure …it’s usually only a short drive or so to a spectacular location.
However on a more serious note all the walks thus far can easily be transformed into a good workout, whether its Burleigh Headland National Park or Currumbin Beach.

So after you are done with soaking up the surroundings and taking photos, start picking up your pace and turn it into an exercise routine.
Continuing with the same theme (exercise) I have produced a 3min slideshow of all the photos taken while walking.

Enjoy the slideshow…

There are a variety of terrains and options to explore at Currumbin Beach, two lookouts with a nice set of stairs for each to climb….. and the beach, lovely soft sand to get your heart rate up, but remember to consult your doctor before changing your usual routine.

So with your hat on sunscreen applied and a good pair of walking shoes get moving! ( Don’t forget your water)

See you on my next walk…

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