When Seagulls attack

Seagulls on the beachPredawn can be a rewarding time to walk on the beach, you have the opportunity to see the first rays of light break into a new day, and with camera in hand you can capture some spectacular pictures.

However there can be dangers believe it or not, and I’m not talking about the remnants of party goers still intoxicated after their Saturday night revelling.

Although I have come across some once or twice, and they usually ask you to take their photo with the sun rising in the background.

Why… I’m not sure it would be the last thing I would be requesting after spending a night out on the town! (I suppose they’re still intoxicated)

Palm Beach Sunrise
Where not to put your Sunnies

I’ll come straight to the point, my advice is when starting out early; for your beach walk don’t wear your sunglasses on the top of your head. The other morning I was walking on a deserted beach, enjoying the cool morning air, looking towards the horizon waiting for the sun to rise.

My camera was ready to capture that perfect sunrise, when I noticed a couple of seagulls fly in from the ocean, nothing unusual. It did register that all the open space they had, they decided to fly directly to me…
Then they flew back over my head, now that was a bit close, no problem they flew back out to sea. I walked a few more steps and they were back, the pair swooping near my head, my arms were up now and I’m waving them about.

I’ve seen the 1963 movie ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock and all that pecking freaked me out, there is no way I was going to be pecked to death and left for dead behind a sand dune, not that there were any.
This continued a few times and suddenly they were gone, both flying out to sea following the shoreline to Surfers Paradise looking for their next victim I suspect.

Was I the giant menacing bird?Sand Crab

Thinking back, how did I appear to these seagulls, why did they fly in from the sea to check me out? Simple…I looked like a giant bird on the beach with my sunnies on my head… like two huge eyes looking up scanning the sky for prey.

If I had the presence of mind to film it, I might have recorded some interesting footage, but I was too concerned about being pecked.

Alfred Hitchcock has a lot to answer for by creating that film. Even now if I see more than half a dozen birds sitting on power lines, images of that film flash into my head.
My advice is.. keep your sun glasses off your head on an open beach while walking during the predawn light… just in case those two marauding seagulls are still hanging around…
Maybe this was karma, after all I would laugh at the kids when they were small because they wouldn’t drop the bread you gave them to feed the birds and of course the birds would be following them, much to their horror and your screams of ‘drop the bread’ went unheeded.
I went looking for some video on Youtube about unprovoked beach attacks by seagulls, what I found were hundreds of videos about seagulls being encouraged to swoop by throwing French fries at people.


Maybe it was payback time…

I was still a bit jittery after my ordeal and on the way back ended up being bailed up by a crab, no advice for that.
See you on my next walk…

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