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Summers Gone and No Christmas Bells to be Found

Summers Gone and No Christmas Bells to be Found

It started out as the ‘Christmas Bell mission’ but quickly turned into; ‘I will look from the trail.’ Snakes did scare me off, for some reason over the past six months I’ve encounter quite a few, some when I have wandered off… but others I’ve nearly stepped on. However on a serious note I would… Continue Reading

Leave your camera behind

Are you really in the moment when looking at that beautiful view? From time to time when I walk I don’t take a camera and the reason is I sometimes feel I’m missing something. I cease to enjoy the walk because I’m on the lookout for that moment. Don’t get me wrong I love every… Continue Reading

On a quest to find Christmas Bells

Blandfordia grandiflora doesn’t that sound like some exotic plant found in a far off location somewhere on the other side of the world. When I was a child I use to dream about going on an expedition into the dense jungles of South America, in a quest for rare orchids. The truth is… I wouldn’t… Continue Reading

electrical storms

What should you do if you are caught outside in an electrical storm? Summer storms can roll in fast so be prepared There is a lot of talk about preparing your home for summer storms, storing bottles of water and food, making sure the roof is in good repair and securing loose items lying around… Continue Reading

When Seagulls attack

Predawn can be a rewarding time to walk on the beach, you have the opportunity to see the first rays of light break into a new day, and with camera in hand you can capture some spectacular pictures.   However there can be dangers believe it or not, and I’m not talking about the remnants… Continue Reading

Mount Cougal Final Ascent at Last!

Mt Cougal Eastern Summit Third time lucky they say and how good it felt to make the top of Mount Cougal’s eastern summit. Around 7.45am we were driving down the Garden of Eden Road, which was littered with branches and foliage, the remnants of some rough recent weather. On our right was Mt Warning bathed… Continue Reading