Razorback Road a Killer Hill Walk

Razorback Road a Killer Hill Walk

I can’t be a hypocrite; I mapped the Razorback walk after visiting the site but never walked the walk. So Saturday morning it was time for me to put my money where my mouth is and walk the talk.

Razorback view

Where did I start?

Started from Greenmount Carpark, then to McDonald Street took the pedestrian crossing passed the roundabout and entered Dixon Street.

It was a very pleasant walk and much easier then I thought. Before you arrive at that famous roundabout where the border of Queensland and New South Wales runs throught the middle, you can see Razorback Road looming in the distance. There is a lot of history attached to this site, at one time there was a cafe at the base of the lookout. Read some of the history associated with Razorback Lookout at this link.

Old General Cemetery Tweed Heads


To the left of the roundabout is Tweed Heads Old General Cemetery worth a look for historical interest.
Now it’s time to walk Razorback Hill, I will warn you, only the fit can climb this hill. It is steep and good exercise if that is what you are seeking.

Well after soaking up those spectacular views, it was time to walk back to the Queensland border for some breakfast.

Street Signage Lookout


Why not walk this route this weekend.

I have walked this route a number of times this link is the latest…with my recent mapping

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…


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  1. Went for a great run the other day started at Kennedy Drive near Seagulls and then continued up and up, went for about 3 hours and loved every minute. Great sights are to be found throughout the tweed hinterland.

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  2. […] walk following Dixon Street and then onto Razorback Road, I was following a well trodden path, visitors have been hiking along the same route for over eight years, Razorback Road would have been a dirt track and I suspect […]

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