Elanora Wetlands Walking Track

 A walk to be done again!

Have you ever been travelling north along the Pacific Motorway and just before Exit 89 caught in the corner of your eye homes backing onto Tallebudgera Creek (near the water treatment plant) as you drove by. Well many times over the years this has happened to me. Never ever thought about it only when I was heading north…along the M1… wouldn’t have been too difficult to find out, just grab a map and check!
Well I never did check, however I stumbled across the answer accidentally, it’s funny you live in an area for a long time but still you never really know it.

Australia Day 2010 was the day…

Australia Day I was going to Elanora Wetlands, checked out the location a couple of days before hand. It is quite an isolated spot so I decided it would be best to take along a companion, the only one willing to come was my Dad.
Drove right down the end of Tallebudgera Drive (which is a lovely walk on its own) and parked under the Pacific Motor Way overpass. This area is a popular spot for fishing and crabbing I am told. It’s also a quick way to get to Tallebudgera Square (West Burleigh) if you walk across the footbridge.

An example of a beautiful weatherboard building

This is a quaint location with some examples of beautiful weather board buildings of days gone by. You can also visit David Fleay Wildlife Park just up the road.

View of Tallebudgera Creek from the footbridge

There are great views of Tallebudgera Creek from the footbridge so keep your camera handy! Getting back to the beginning of this blog remember those houses on the creek I mentioned well there they were just beyond the overpass.

Elanora Wetlands

Sounds like a location out of a long forgotten novel….while standing under the overpass facing the creek look to your left and you will see in the trees a steel barrier. This is the beginning of the Elanora Wetlands walk. (Elanora Water Treatment Plant is behind you)

Entranced to Elanora Wetlands

This walk is quite different to the walks I’ve talked about so far…..the day unfolded into more of an adventure or perhaps a “you haven’t got the right clothes on sort of day”!

The walking track rambles around following the creek and you come across the area mentioned on the Mangrove watch website, the location looks like it just came out of the book ‘The Adventures of Tom Swayer ‘ the rope dangling from the tree where you could imagine many hot summer days of fun jumping into the creek.

Elanora Wetlands


Follow this link for more information… about Elanora Wetlands Walk

See you on my next walk….

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