Tallebudgera Creek Track Downgraded

Tallebudgera Creek Track Downgraded

It’s been four long years since the Tallebudgera Conservation walk which continues on from David Fleay Wildlife Park Boardwalk to Ocean Parade Burleigh Heads was closed but news of this public walking track reopening is wonderful.

One of the timber bridgesPublic Access Restricted

However there is a downside to this reopening, this walking track originally had disabled access, but now it has been downgraded.

Two large timber bridges which curved around a gully haven’t been replaced.

Instead it steps down to what is referred too as a ‘washout’ two areas with quite steep steps down into a gully, which is named ‘the washout’.

In other words, if we get sufficient rainfall this track may be closed. Another gate has been erected with signage warning about land slippage. 

The figure for construction was a solution of $30,000 compared to 1.5million? I would have thought it was a good option if the figure was half the amount at $750,000.This is what it looked like 2008


The article on the goldcoast.com.au website discusses the legal implications of the lack of access to up 20% of the population; we are talking about an existing public walking track with an iconic Wildlife Park at the end of the track, not being replaced in the same condition it was originally constructed.

It was stated in the article that ‘people are still quite capable of going for a walk along there with a pram or a push bike’ Read the full article here. (unfortunately the article is no longer accessible)


Check the map for the location of this lovely walk along Tallebudgera Creeks  northern bank

 View Tallebudgera Walking Track in a larger map


When you compared the original timber bridge suitable for disabled access, with now climbing up and down a couple of sets of steps down to a ‘washout’ with a pram for example, it’s quite a challenge and without question restricts the use of this public walkway.

I know I wouldn’t be comfortable climbing down those steps with a small child and a stroller. However the good news is that a solution was found and most of us can enjoy this beautiful location.

New construction at Tallebudgera Creek Walking Track
Landslip area No disabled access
Retaining wall not sure if it needs more work? No disabled access

Nature Based Tourism Industry, Park Tourism, Cultural Tourism- which is it?

According to the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, Queensland’s parks and forests underpin the State’s thriving nature tourism industry, worth around $4.43 billion annually 28% of all total tourist spending in Queensland, read the full article at this link.

If nature based tourism is so important why would a public walking track attached to David Fleay Wildlife Park be downgraded? This a place for tourists and locals to walk and enjoy a real Australian bush experience listening to the sulphur crested cockatoos screeching overhead and observe other wildlife along beautiful Tallebudgera Creek’s northern bank.

It doesn’t make any sense to me; these bridges should have been repaired so everyone could enjoy this walking track.

Recently the Mt Coolum walking track was re-opened and it was stated that

“The Newman Government is committed to opening up Queensland’s beautiful National Parks for everyone to enjoy”.


Please let me know your point of view.

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