Tallebudgera Conservation Park Walking Track – Paradise Lost!

Paradise is back!

This wonderful walking track is now back in action, there’s been some changes but the good news is you can now walk the 1.5 kilometre public walkway from Ocean Parade Burleigh Heads to David Fleay Wild Life Park.

I’m going to leave the post below in tack, it’s a bit of history of what happened, here is the updated page.

Check out the map to get a visual of the walking track and the location.

View Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park in a larger map

What about the rest of the walking track connected to this boardwalk?

Recently reference was made in the local newspaper about connecting the boardwalk to the existing walking track part of Tallebudgera Conservation Park; this track follows Tallebudgera Creek to an entrance at Ocean Parade. Unfortunately no funding has been allocated to upgrade this unique walk. (Update – walk now completed)
I am aware that there were a number of footbridges that were deemed unsafe due to termite infestation. I am also under the impression that the funding process for this part of the walking track involves quite a complex process.

Purpose of my writing

However my reason for writing is not to discuss the ins and outs of this process but to make people aware of the beauty of this walking track, at this point of time it is… Paradise Lost!

This section has been closed since 2008 that’s over 3 years with no funding in the near future allocated for its upgrade.

Unfortunately most locals don’t even know this beautiful walk exists.

Trees look like pieces of art
We are all aware of Burleigh Headland National Park and the beauty it holds, but just across the road is Koala Park, and this is where this unique walking track starts, up on the ridge running parallel to Tallebudgera Creek. A small sandy beach exposed - Tallebudgera Conservation walking track

The entrance is hard to see and parking for only a couple of cars. It’s takes a bit of effort to find it.

Few know about it…

This is where the problem starts, very few know that this walking track even exists, I have lived in the area for many years and only became aware of it in 2008. Understandably locals don’t want hordes of people using this track and spoiling the beauty and solitude of this location, it is quite captivating.
Sand Islands and the pristine waters of Tallebudgera Creek appear at every turn of the walking track and the birdlife is prolific, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos screeching overhead, it is without doubt one of the most picturesque walking tracks on the Gold Coast.

View from the David Fleay Track

Loop walk around Tallebudgera Creek not yet complete…

When this walking track is upgraded you will be able to enjoy a complete loop around Tallebudgera Creek.

Depending on how fit you are and how far you want to walk.

Check out the location of Tallebudgera Conservation Park Loop on this website.

  • Start at Tallebudgera Drive, Palm Beach (across from the Tallebudgera Life Saving Club) or drive to the end of Tallebudgera Drive.
  • Walk along the service road at the end of Tallebudgera Drive, the M1 overpass is on your left and at the end you will see a small foot bridge, cross this footbridge with your camera ready to take some great shots of picturesque Tallebudgera Creek, you are now in West Burleigh.
  • After crossing this small bridge turn right and walk along Tallebudgera Creek Road, keep going till you reach the traffic lights. 
  • Continue on and you see the David Fleay Wildlife Park signage.
  • Turn right and walk down to the carpark, from here you can access Tallebudgera Conservation Park (Burleigh side).
  • Continue along the Mangrove Walk while enjoying the beautiful views of Tallebudgera Conservation Park with views of Palm Beach.
  • The walking track finishes at Ocean Parade, Burleigh.

Boardwalk through the Mangroves

When the boardwalk is repaired and the existing track is upgraded you will have a serious walking loop that encompasses a complete loop around Tallebudgera Creek.

This is something that locals and visitors would enjoy. (Best done in the cooler months)

Things are happening behind the scenes

I am aware there are many behind the scenes working to get this walking track restored so I thought I would do my bit and put together a short slide show to publicly showcase the beauty of this location.

Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park – ‘Paradise Lost For The Moment’

A little bit of history now with the walking trail now open these photos in this slideshow are four years old, and feature some of the old bridges.

One of the many foot bridges featured on this walking track

See you on my next walk, experience the Gold Coast on foot…

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  1. I did this walk 17 years ago on a TAFE excursion. I did it again yesterday when my fuzzy memory led me to park at Fleay’s, intending to show my daughter Burleigh Heads (I thought they led into each other). I can confirm that all structures are repaired. We took 1.5 hrs to do the 3k return walk as we read all the information signs, took photos and watched the wildlife, a sea eagle took off right above our heads. Despite her earlier protests, my daughter loved it. I’d forgotten what a little gem it is and so peaceful. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

  2. Please mention dogs are NOT allowed.
    Every week I see people walking dogs along track, sometimes without leads.

    There are koalas in this area, but there won’t be for long if dogs are taken into park.

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