Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park Walk Ocean Parade Entrance

Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park Walk Ocean Parade Entrance

Tallebudgera Creek Walking Loop

Tallebudgera Conservation Park

This walk is a combination of urban and scenic views; I have a map below and written guide lines of my last route to download at this link.

If you have young children or a stroller you will have to take someone with you. The steps at the washout are quite steep.

It would be a challenge to handle a stroller and the hand of a child, so be aware of this before you start.

A little history to start with

The last section of Tallebudgera walkway is now open to the public, its taken four long years for this lovely walking track along Tallebudgera Creek to finally be accessible to the public.

The bad news is the walking track has been downgraded and longer provides disabled access, which is a crying shame for all those who could have enjoyed the 1.5 kilometres of stable pathway. (3 Km return)

There was a large long bridge that wrapped around the escarpment and crossed a small gully, which hasn’t been replaced, instead a number of steps descend into what is called a washout and climb back up to where the original timber bridge was located.


This is a gem of a walk so don’t forget your camera..

This is a gem of a walk and with spectacular views of Tallebudgera Creek that emerge from gaps along the pathway. Birdlife is prolific with screaming sulphur-crested cockatoos over head, some stretches of the walk you could almost believe you were in some isolated location not on Australia’s Gold Coast.

If you stand still and  listen you could imagine what it would have been like for the early settlers and the local Kombumerri / Bunjalung people who then inhabited this area.

Tallebudgera Creek Loop Walk Map

This is a pristine waterway, one of the ‘must do walking tracks’ on the Gold Coast…

Check out this link for full details of the location

View Tallebudgera Creek

Mangroves are amazing!

Continuing along this track you eventually come to the Mangroves, the boardwalk through this area is amazing, what a wonderful location to educate people about the beauty and importance of their existence and how important these wetlands are for the coastal environment.

The Mangroves are quite different here to the ones along  Beree Badalla Boardwalk (Currumbin Creek) This is the upper stretches of Tallebudgera Creek, where Beree Badalla Boardwalk is near the month of Currumbin Creek.

Mangroves Tallebudgera


Tallebudgera Conservation Park mangroves are dense and less influenced by human interference.
The walk is not easy to find or access, you have two options, you can drive to the location or walk which means you have an up hill climb along Ocean Parade and the entrance is on your left…. the sign is difficult to see.

If you decide to drive there is only parking for a limited number of vehicles. The other access point is from David Fleay Wildlife Park

Why not plan a visit to David Fleay Wildlife Park, check times before visiting…

Palm Beach side of Tallebudgera Creek

Tallebudgera Loop Walking Directions

This is my route anti-clockwise

  • I parked the car at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre (Palm Beach side)
  • Walked across Tallebudgera Bridge and accessed the pathway under the bridge
  • Continued along Awoonga Drive, enjoying the beautiful view of Tallebudgera Creek
  • The street now veers right and becomes Elanora Drive; this is one of the urban sections of the walk
  • At the end of Elanora Drive take a left onto Pindari Ave, walk along until it become Ocean Parade
  • At the start of the climb on Ocean Parade look to your right there will be a large stormwater drain and you will see a set of stairs disappearing up into bushland, this is the short cut to the Tallebudgera Conservation Park Walk.  
  • Option two is an urban walk up Ocean Parade; it’s an interesting walk, watch out on your left for the entrance at the top of the hill.
  • At the top of the steps walk across the road to the trail at Tallebudgera Conservation Park continue to David Fleay’ Wildlife Park.
  • After reaching David Fleay, head for the carpark and walk along the roadway to West Burleigh Road turn left, take care and cross the road safely for a break at one of the Cafes at West Burleigh Village.
  • After refreshments head for Martin Sheil Park (opposite Plantation Cafe) and take the footbridge.
  • This footbridge is in the vicinity of the old rail lines, with M1 on your right and a beautiful stretch of Tallebudgera Creek on your left with views of Burleigh Headland in the distance. You are now in Palm Beach
  • At the end of the footbridge glance to your left under the M1, you may be able to see Elanora Wetland’s walk steel gate a walk option for another day.
  • Continue on this service road until you reach Tallebudgera Drive, this is a combination of an urban and scenic walk, on your left is rainforest and mangroves. It’s usually very shady a good thing when the temperature rises.
  • Along this stretch are many trails going off into the rain forest, take care if you decide to explore… there are always snakes about. The views of the creek are quite unique on the southern side.
  • When you come to the first bridge, you can explore around this area, but still take care.
  • Next section is an urban walk till you reach the second bridge which reveals the wide water canal system in Palm Beach. A photo opportunity.
  • After the bridge take Murlong Crescent on your left and follow the footpath around picturesque Tallebudgera Creek to the bridge and back to the Car park…

Download the walking guide in a pdf at this link

Always remember wear a hat, put on your sunscreen and take a bottle of water and don’t forget to wear a good pair of walking shoes…and the insect repellent!

See you on my next walk, experience the Gold Coast on foot…

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you. I did this walk and had to look at your guide several times. Saw 3 koalas and 2 lizards among others. Enjoyed so many aspects of this walk including the beautiful views and people having fun. And brought back some cool photos and most importantly the feeling of “green happiness”.

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