Plans for David Fleay Wildlife Park

The news of refurbishments to David Fleay Wildlife Park is welcome. This park was handed over to the government, for the people. It’s been rumoured that over the last few years the park has been restricted in its activities and funding

News of providing support and regenerating this Wildlife Park to its former status is good news. My only concern is that they don’t deviate from the original vision that David Fleay intended.
Hopefully their breeding programs will be supported, and additions to their native animal displays will increase. Maybe the people just might save it in the form of ‘Nature Tourism’.
Personally I love the park and like the fact that they are only Australian animals, even now it has a truly Australian feel. When I went there a few months ago I tried to think of myself as a tourist. What would I see? Well I love Australia so I loved it!

Taking me back to my childhood

The birds, the rainforest, the elephant ears (plants) swaying in the breeze. Moon Dam with the crocodiles. You can read my account at this link. It reminded me of when I first came to Australia and the impact of the place, the smell, the heat, and the birds. Coming from the United Kingdom this place was so tropical, so exotic.

Everything was different and I believe many tourists feel the same, sometimes we forget, the aura of the place that surrounds us everyday… we don’t see it.
To a ten year old this country was an adventure and that feeling came back to me when I visited David Fleay Wildlife Park.

It’s not always about the bottom line

David Fleay’s never had a big marketing machine, like Currumbin Wildlife Park, and I hope that doesn’t ever happen. I understand why marketing strategies are needed, but I don’t necessarily like the direction they take. I’m old enough to remember the ‘Bird Sanctuary’ before it changed its direction to survive. 

It’s not always about the bottom-line it’s about preserving our Gold Coast history. Collectively we have a bad reputation of not doing that. Iconic structures have been cleared by bulldozers and faded photos are the only thing that remains. Recently we had Miami Ice disappear forever, a place full of history and memories.
I have fond memories of David Fleay, my father worked at Miami Glass in the 1960’s. David Fleay would come in according to my Dad, who is now 88 years old, and get glass cut for his wildlife displays. He always wore his trilby hat, coat and tie and was always the gentleman.
The next few months will reveal the plans for David Fleay Wildlife Park, I encourage all Gold Coasters to go and take a look at one of the Gold Coast’s iconic areas, along beautiful Tallebudgera Creek and don’t forget to take the Mangrove Walk and continue on to see breathtaking views of Tallebudgera Creek all the way to Ocean Parade Burleigh Heads.

Check out this link for the proposed plans for David Fleay Wildlife Park.

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