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Oceanway 37km Walk

Oceanway 37km Walk


For a long time I have wanted to walk the entire length of the Gold Coast in one hit, however I usually think of it in the summer knowing full well there is no way I would attempt walking in the heat of the day.

I was ready to walk the distance, prep was simple, a good pair of walking shoes/joggers a hat and layered clothing along with a small backpack. Water wasn’t an issue with heaps of cafes and access to water along the way, so I restricted the weight.

The Spit was the best option, so I was dropped off at the Cafe at 6.30 and I walked around to the seawall and accessed Federation Walk entrance. It was a beautiful start to the day the sun had already risen and the birds along the track were in full song.

Oceanway- The Spit

Throughout the walk I hugged the coast walking the Oceanway, I didn’t walk on the beach, My purpose was to finish… not do a gruelling endurance test. Walking on soft sand would have slowed me down, that wasn’t the point to the walk.

I continued along the pathway right to Surfers Paradise, taking the pathway where possible along the beachfront. There were a couple of diversions because of building work, beach restoration and damaged from the previous weekend’s weather event.

My first break was at Surfers Paradise around the 11km mark, I had a coffee and a quick snack and a bottle of water at McDonalds. 

Gold Coast OceanwayIt was strange walking the distance, I had walked this route many times, so I knew every twist and turn so there was no pressure I knew exactly where I was going and what to expect.

Burleigh was the halfway point so my whole focus was on getting there for my next break, I knew if I reached Burleigh I had a good chance of finishing.

I walked along the Surfers Paradise Esplanade and onto Garfield Terrace, Fern Street and soon I was in Broadbeach on Old Burleigh Road.

At this stage my hips started to ache and I wondered if I would finish. Strangely soon it disappeared and I continued without a problem.

Next was Broadbeach Blvd and onto Hedges Ave and then Albatross Ave and soon Marine Parade Miami, I purchased a bottle of Powerade at Piccolos Expresso on the corner of Hythe Street and continued on to the steps at the foot of Little Bureigh (north Burleigh).


Soaked in the view and walked down the hill to Burleigh Esplanade, now nearly at the halfway point and feeling good. 

Reaching passed the halfway point at 19.63km I decided to keep pushing forward, following the lower beach circuit at Burleigh Headland National Park and across Tallebudgera Bridge. Soon I was on the Oceanway at Palm Beach that goes to 23rd Avenue. Decision time, will I walk the beach to seventeenth Ave or take the Gold Coast Hwy route. It was the Hwy and I accessed Jefferson Lane behind Palm Beach Car Rentals at Seventeenth Ave. 

Palm Beach was my next break, a quick snack and a drink. It was hard starting after this break, my feet were really sore and aching, but by the time at entered Palm Beach Parklands at the end of Jefferson Lane, I was feeling ok this was the 26km mark with 11km to go.

Walk Oceanway

Continuing on I walked through Tarrabora Reserve, here I had a decision to make would I take the short or long route, what do you think? I could have walked along Beree Badalla boardwalk and across Thrower Bridge, but I decided I needed every short cut, so it was up over the Currumbin Estuary Bridge and down to Currumbin Beach along Duringan Street. 

Currumbin Beach looked spectacular, however my enthusiasm for taking snaps was waning, I just wanted to keep going. At the end of Pacific Parade I kept walking straight down Tomewin Street South along the beach front. Work was being carried out near Flat Rock foot bridge so I walked across Kropp Park and over the sand dunes to Pacific Parade and continued on the Oceanway to Tungun Surf Life Saving Club. 

Normally I would have continued on in front of the beach front homes along the Oceanway, however because of the weather event signs were up warning of potential erosion. It was onto Golden Four Drive, in retrospect I should have checked it out but didn’t. 

At Matters Street I turned onto the beach front and realised looking back I could have joined it much sooner, anyway no point in crying over spilled milk I will do it next time.

On to Pacific Parade Bilinga, now I was really getting tired and when I saw the signage on the beach entry saying 5km to Point Danger you would think I would be overjoyed, but instead that 5km seemed like 500km, I could almost see my destination but it felt a long way off. Time to break the distance with a rest, so I just concentrated on getting to Kirra for a drink.

I arrived had a pot of strong tea and a biscuit and was ready to go, I must admit I felt a little bit like a rusted out robot when I started walking, I’m sure anyone watching would have thought so. 

I followed the coastal path to Kirra Point Pavilion and sat long enough to take a couple of pics, tea is much better than coffee for a boost when walking. This was the 34km point, nearly there…just a lovely walk around Coolangatta beach front, following the path around Greenmount Hill and on to Rainbow Bay. 

Unfortunately the weather and the damaged it caused restricted access to Snappy Rocks, now the last leg is up the hill to Point Danger. Finished! 37km time to walk down to Cooly for a celebration drink and catch the bus home.


Will I do it again? Absolutely!! 

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

Check my map out for full details of my route at this link http://www.mapmywalk.com/workout/1520217671

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