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Elanora Urban Walk

We start this walk at the bottom of Palm Beach Avenue.
This urban walk isn’t going to take you to some abandoned building or old historic church with tales from the past.

No this is a walk through a local suburb but not just any old walk a vista walk. Indeed a couple of the street names are Vista Street, Seaview Parade and Double View Drive and with good reason.

Some of the folks who live in these streets enjoy commanding views of the southern Gold Coast few of us have ever seen, not even on a postcard! Download your Elanora Urban walking guide pdf here...

However when you reach the bottom of Palm Beach Ave, you are in the proximity of where the train would drop off passengers in 1923 that had booked accommodation at one of the boarding houses on the beach front.

They would walk or a cart would meet them at the bottom of the ‘Avenue of Trees’ which is now named Palm Beach Avenue.

There was a white boom gate with a sign saying Palm Beach; many arrived here to buy land. Few took note of the ridges and the plateau of trees that lay behind the beach that you are about to climb.

Do you like hill climbing?

You will have to be in reasonable health and fit enough to climb a few hills. Check out the Map’s link and you will see the elevation.

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyWalk

You can always drive… but that’s the whole point to walking, you miss interesting things when you drive a location.
Turn into Kalamunda Close and then left into Vista Street, now you will slowly start to climb, at this point you may only see glimpses of views between the houses.

However at the top of Seaview Parade you will see Burleigh Headland. Your photos may not be the best in the morning because the sun will be in front of you.

Onto the next ridge

Cross the road onto the other side of KP McGrath and head up the hill towards the roundabout, this is the top of the first ridge; again there are views between the houses. Turn into Avocado Street, right in front of you is Mount Tallebudgera and the border ranges.
Along Avocado you will see a sign about Koalas in the area and a small pocket of forest on your left.
Continue along Avocado and take a left into Double View Drive, again the views start to appear between the houses the higher you climb.

This ridge use to be covered with trees

Elanora Vista Walk

It’s called Double View because of the views on both sides of the street, the ocean on one side and the ranges on the other. At the top of the hill Burleigh Headland comes into view and at the corner of Swanbourne Way there is a vacant block of land (at the time of writing) where you have sweeping views of Palm Beach.
This is at ground level; imagine… if you were sitting on the veranda of one of these elevated homes, magnificent! If you are feeling energetic walk down Swanbourne Way it’s well worth the effort, but be warned the climb back up is strenuous and there are no Cafes until we reach the Pines Shopping Centre, which incidentally is straight ahead at the other end of Pine Lake. 

Be discreet – it a residential area


At the end of Double View Drive take a left down Guineas Creek Road and follow the road all the way down to the Pines Shopping Centre.

Guineas Creek Road was an important link to the coast from Tallebudgera settlement in the 1800s.

Imagine travelling down this rocky track 130 years ago on horseback or in a dray it would have been a bone shaking experience.
At the set of traffic lights you have arrived at the top end of the Pines Shopping Centre.

Time for a break

If it’s time for a break there is an abundance of cafes, and for those who are watching their budgets, a Coles Supermarket.

If you decide to visit the centre, take note of your surroundings and remember where you entered.
Next skirt the top end of the carpark; on your left is the Isle of Palms Resort and on your right Kmart Vehicle Service Centre. On the boundary of these trees is a laneway on your left that connects with the walking path on Pine Lake.

Pine Lake ElanoraI hope you have a beautiful day like I did, this photo was taken early morning

The next section of this urban walk will take you along Sequoia Close, so look for the pathway on your right; (or left if you walk to the end of the lake) it’s about halfway along the lake.

There are two streets, the other is called Carolina Close, and either is ok to access. At the end of these streets you will be back on KP McGrath. Cross the road.

Last section of the walk

Now head left along this street till you reach Park Court, this small street leads to Pine Lane. Elanora State Primary is on your right. Follow the pathway which will start to veer left and follows the M1 Pacific Motorway, it will be now on your right. Follow till you arrive at Palm Beach Avenue.

This section of the walk can be quite pleasant in the early morning; if its been raining you will notice the damp soaked ground away from the pathway. The wetlands are still here just covered with an urban blanket. Only a matter of a few decades ago this whole area was Tea Tree Swamp.

 Take care and watch for traffic when you reach Palm Beach Ave…

Hope you enjoyed your urban walk and caught a glimpse of the views that some wake up to each morning.

Remember check the map before you go, and enjoy your urban walk on the ridges of Elanora. Download pdf of walk…

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