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Early History of Christmas Bells

How popular were Christmas Bells in the 1920’s This newspaper article in 1928 gives us some insight about this unique flower which grew on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Christmas Bells – Blandfordia grandiflora   This photo is a lovely old photograph taken in Caloundra at Everton, the Green family in 1920 enjoying the… Continue Reading

Palm Beach Feast

Arriving in Palm Beach at around 6.15pm we were amazed to find the amount of people already walking towards Fifth Avenue. While roaming the block to find a park, you could see the locals streaming up from the avenues to attend Palm Beach Feast. I felt a little tug at my heart strings to see… Continue Reading

David Fleay in threat of change

Looming changes for David Fleay Wildlife Park An article in the Gold Coast Sun reporting moves for creating a closer link with David Fleay Wildlife Park and Currumbin Sanctuary is of concern. The article goes to report the dwindling numbers of visitors compared to Currumbin Sanctuary. Article from Gold Coast Bulletin One thing is correct… Continue Reading

Tips for enjoying your day at Currumbin Festival

Swell Sculpture Festival is almost upon us! Every year I look forward to going, now in its eleventh year.  The dates are 13-22 September at Pacific Parade, Currumbin Beach, plenty of time to plan your trip and many opportunities to visit. Open 24 hours means, enjoying the sculptures from early morning to late at night.… Continue Reading

When Seagulls attack

Predawn can be a rewarding time to walk on the beach, you have the opportunity to see the first rays of light break into a new day, and with camera in hand you can capture some spectacular pictures.   However there can be dangers believe it or not, and I’m not talking about the remnants… Continue Reading

The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

Hidden from the road Over the years I’ve driven down Sea world Drive, picnicked at the Spit, walked the rock wall and gazed at South Stradbroke Island while watching boats negotiate the Seaway. Maybe once or twice I’ve glanced at the bushland along the side of the road and wondered if there was a trail… Continue Reading