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Wild Bird Rescues

Wild Bird Rescues

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Curlew Island with Rowley from Wild Bird Rescues the trip is only a short one.
A little island in the middle of the Broadwater with the Gold Coast high rises watching from a distance.

Curlew Island sand dunes
The first thing that struck me was the native flora on this small sand island and the birds resting on the shoreline. I’m no expert but I was amazed at the amount of native plants. Just at a glance I saw:
Dune Flowers, Pigface, Beach Bean, Goats Foot, She- Oaks, Macarangas, Coastal Wattle
How remarkable that all these plants exist on this small island, the seeds or stems would have been carried by the wind, tide and birds.
Rowley was able to identify a number of birds including some Curlews; you see Rowley has been rescuing all kinds of wild birds on the Gold Coast for many years. On this island there are a few ‘Beach Stone Curlews’ a very rare bird in South East Queensland.

Pelicans Gold Coast Broadwater

I first met Rowley a couple of years back when my Dad received his phone number from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (I still call it the Bird Sanctuary). A Brush Turkey had a plastic shopping bag wrapped around his legs, he could hardly walk. Rowley arrived early the following morning around 6.30 because that was the time Dad fed the birds in his garden. By the time I got my camera out to take a photo, the bird was already snared and the bag was off!
He came in and had a cuppa and when off on his merry way. It was only after he left, that Dad said I should have given him a donation for his help. I like to think a lot of people are like this, just get carried away in the moment and forget. However the reality is, no matter how much you love birds and want to help rescue them it takes time and effort to get to these locations. I now know he had to travel from the northern end of the coast to Palm Beach, to help a Brush Turkey entangled in a plastic shopping bag.

Donations are paramount for keeping this Gold Coast Wild Bird Rescue Service going, click this link for details. Even a small donation by many people can be significant.

Rowley likes to check the birds on Curlew Island weekly and do a walk around, which also means checking for dumped and tidal litter. We walked the perimeter along the beach and picked up a considerable about of rubbish, straws, milk containers, sauce bottle, plastic and fishing line. The biggest find was a single mattress!

Curlew Island
The thing that struck me was the beauty of the Broadwater and the amount of birds on the tidal sand flats.
I still can’t get my head around why anyone or organisation would think its OK to churn this water up, and put at risk this unique environment.

Please donate and help this Wild Bird Rescue Service at this link..Donate

Donate to Wild Bird Rescues

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