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Hiking Around Burleigh Heads

I bet you never thought of hiking around Burleigh

Grab a bottle of water and your backpack and hike around Burleigh Heads, if you choose to do the hike in one day you will be looking at approximately 24km or 14.4 miles, this does include some back tracking. Nonetheless it’s a good distance and the best thing is you are never too far from a Cafe if you plan it correctly.

Below are four maps of the walking routes representing approximately 18km, all the walks can be broken up and you can do them one or couple at a time.

It is your plan… all the walks can be joined up for a day’s hike in beautiful Burleigh Heads. Now go get lost….

Hiking Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Ridge Park Walk Map of Burleigh Ridge Park
Burleigh Headland Walk Map of Burleigh Headland
Burleigh Heads Heritage Walk Map of Heritage Walk
Tallebudgera Conservation Walk Map of Tallebudgera Conservation Walk
Burleigh Esplanade Walk (This starts from Tallebudgera Map of Burleigh Esplanade Walk
Burleigh Ridge to Tallebudgera Conservation Park Connect both walks
Why not do the Tallebudgera Loop Walk Tallebudgera Loop Map

All the maps are here for you to plan you day trip hiking around Burleigh Heads

View Hiking in Burleigh Heads in a larger map
I’ve walk the walks, now it’s time for you to plan….remember these are bush areas so take precautions.

Tallebudgera Conservation Park


Why not take the kids for a day hike, the secret is to plan… if they get tired you can always entice them with a swim or maybe lunch at Burleigh Village or West Burleigh. The best thing is that most of these walks providing you plan ahead are on or near bus routes. Always have an exit plan for those who don’t feel the same enthusiasm, food or a drink stop is the best approach.

David Fleay Wildlife Park (cafe, check this one) West Burleigh Cafes, Burleigh Village and Jellurgal Cultural Centre Cafe at Burleigh Headland.

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Mangrove Walk

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