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Leave your camera behind

Are you really in the moment when looking at that beautiful view? From time to time when I walk I don’t take a camera and the reason is I sometimes feel I’m missing something. I cease to enjoy the walk because I’m on the lookout for that moment.

Don’t get me wrong I love every moment of the search, but from time to time the mental picture is the only one we should take.

I recently read this paragraph in The happiness Trap: Stop Struggling Start Living, Chapter 7 “Look Who’s Talking” by Russ Harris

 “Or suppose you’re watching a magnificent sunset. There are moments when all you are doing is looking at it. Your mind is quiet; there are no thoughts running through your head, you’re simply registering the many colours of the spectacle before you. This is your observing self at work: observing, not thinking.

Then your thinking self kicks in: ‘Wow, look at all those colours! This reminds me of that sunset we saw on holiday last year. I wish I had my camera. It’s so beautiful; this looks like something out of a movie.” The more attention your observing self pays to the running commentary of the thinking self, the more you lose direct contact with that sunset.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon

How true is that! I have felt that many times… although I wanted to capture the moment the whole thinking process of grabbing those dying moments before the light changed actually killed the experience for me, although I may have got the image.

Sometimes you just have to live in the moment and leave your camera behind.
Going for a walk…(iPhone coming )


P.S. How did I go this morning? I told myself the only reason I’m taking my phone is just in case someone wants to catch up for a coffee or breakfast (5.30am really?) or maybe if I hurt myself I can call someone. But the truth is I want something on me that takes a photo.
Did I succeed living in the moment of the view? NO! I failed miserably, let me count how many photos I took. Twenty three snaps on my iPhone… took photos of

This list goes on, my hard drive is loaded with images and so is my online storage. I think I have some work to do on myself over the holidays or you might see me on “Hoarders.” I’m not going to post a photo; this is the first post ever without one.
See you on my next walk

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