Swell Sculpture Festival – Currumbin Beach 2010

A Sneak Preview of the Swell Sculpture Festival

An example of what you will see at the Swell Festival

It’s that time of the year to walk the Swell Sculpture Festival; I did just that this morning a sneak peek into what we will see this weekend at the Swell  Festival -Currumbin Beach.  If you live on the southern end of the Gold Coast you’ve got it made! Visiting this festival is a breeze you can literally rock up anytime in the day or evening find a parking spot and soak in the atmosphere.
This morning I had the place to myself, but tomorrow will take on a whole new meaning with undoubtedly crowds over the weekend. I walked from one end of the beach to the other and managed to photograph most of the exhibits. There were a couple that I really loved and others not so much but that’s what the Swell Festival is all about taking your time walking from one exhibit to the next interacting with those around you. While soaking up that wonderful backdrop which is Currumbin Beach, best advice is to be early! Swell last year..

Swell Festival 2010

Taking Photos at the Swell Festival?


This was my first of a number of visits over the next ten days, you really need to go more than once especially if you like taking photos, there is so much to photograph. Last year late in the afternoon getting ready to leave I stopped and watched a couple getting married on the beach, which was lovely. But the best was yet to come, I suddenly turned around and the scene behind me was drenched in an orange glow. Even if you are just a happy snapper like me you can get those special shots that are imprinted on your mind forever.

Late afternoon Swell Festival 2009

What can you do at Currumbin Beach?

After you have had your fill of art, why not have breakfast, lunch or dinner at Currumbin Beach, there are a number of Café and Clubs in the area. Too busy at Currumbin Beach, cross the bridge and head for Palm Beach.
There are two lookouts and both are worth climbing to add to your activities for the day. Currumbin Hill Lookout is on the northern end of the beach and is a hidden from view. It is behind the BBQ area opposite the beach. The views from this location are spectacular; they stretch all the way along Palm Beach with a lovely outlook to Currumbin Spit and Palm Beach Parklands.

Elephant Rock Lookout

This is a must! Climb the stairs behind the Viking Surf Club to soak up views stretched before you all along Currumbin Beach front and beyond to Currumbin Rock in the foreground and Surfers Paradise to the north. Turn around and Tugun to Coolangatta to the south a virtual 360 degree vista.

Swell Official Website

Take a Virtual Walk of Swell 2009

See you at the Swell Sculpture Festival…

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