Best of All Lookout

Springbrook National Park

What’s in a name? I must admit I have seen this phrase ‘Best of all Lookout’ on a number of websites and wondered who would call it that, why not a real name reflecting the location.

The only way to find the answer is to visit the lookout and see why it was named ‘Best of all Lookout’.

If you have done any hiking or bush walking in the Gold Coast Hinterland you know that the rainforest is so dense that you only get glimpses of Australia’s beautiful Green Cauldron. To really see the magnificence of this unique location usually means hard work.

Gold Coast Hinterland - Best of All Lookout


Hiking through rainforest watching your limbs to make sure there are no leeches hitching a ride, scrambling over rocky outcrops, climbing hills and mountains, all in a days work for die hard bush walkers, because you know the prize will be worth the effort.

Best Of All Lookout -No hiking !

What if I were to tell you that you could see the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland laid out right to the Pacific Ocean and as faraway as Byron Bay just by taking a short scenic drive off the M1 along a winding road, a short 300 metres walk to a viewing platform to the Best Of All Lookout, without doing the following activities:

The view is incredible and for those who have climbed Mount Warning and followed the border fence to the Cougals you will find it a real treat to see this view looking down on the twin peaks of the Cougals, with Mount Warning to the right. This is Springbrook World Heritage National Park on the northern rim of the Green Cauldron.

Wildlife abundant at Springbrook National Park

There are a number of signs along Springbrook Road about watching out for wildlife, so drive cautiously, however when I turned into Repeater Station Road (Where the Lookout is located) the movement along the grass on the edge of the road was startling, I believe they may have been Pademelons.

What a treat for Tourist to see these beautiful little creatures so much a part of the Gold Coast Hinterland and Springbrook Mountain plateau.

It was aptly named ‘Best Of All Lookout’ because it is! Locals and visitors should put it on their list of things to do on the Gold Coast.

How to get to Springbrook

Access the Pacific Motorway M1 take exit 80 and follow Springbrook Road all the way to the top, it should take you around 25minutes. This is a narrow winding road through the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland well worth the effort.
Best of All Lookout is on your right after Purlingbrook Falls. Turn right onto Repeater Station Road and follow it to the end. There is a parking bay.

However this isn’t the only lookout and walking trail in this immediate area, there are a number to keep you busy and entertained for a full day of activities at Springbrook National Park;Tall Arctic Beech Trees - Sprinbrook

  • Goomoolahra Lookout/picnic area including a short walking trail
  • Tallanbana Picnic Area and lookout and walking trails, Canyon Lookout 500 metres
  • Warrie Circuit 17 km
  • Twin Falls Circuit 4Km
  • Canyon Lookout
  • Purlingbrook Falls Lookout and Purlingbrook walking trails 4Km
  • Gwongorella Picnic Area
  • Hardys Lookout

Cafe for snacks

Dancing Water CafeSpringbrook Mountain plateau offers plenty of choices for quick meals if you haven’t packed a picnic lunch; I dropped into the Dancing Water Cafe and had the ‘Best of All Lookout’ (name of toasted sandwich) lunch which is located at Purling Brook Falls.

Great lunch, while enjoying lunch I decided I would take the Purling Brook walking trail. What a bush walk!

How to get there…two options depending on where you are staying …

Southern Gold Coast

If you have the time and you are staying or living on the Southern Gold Coast, you can take the long way around or scenic route 98 and make a day of it. Tomewin Mountain Road has become quite popular with cyclist they like to push the limits with the hill climbs and dare devils flying down the mountain so be careful particularly on weekends.

This scenic route 98 and 97 takes you through parts of beautiful Northern NSW and then back to Queensland through the Gold Coast Hinterland and the Numinbah Valley.

Option 1

(This is the long way around)
Make you way to Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin take the Tomewin Mountain Road route 98 to Murwillumbah, Freeman’s fruit stall and Freemans Lookout will be on your right worth a quick detour.
At the bottom of Tomewin Mountain you will see The Red Rattler Cafe and Gallery (check the opening times and days).
Turn right onto Numinbah Road (before Murwillumbah now Route 97 to Chillingham the General Store is worth a quick stop, the coffee was good on my last visit.

The gardens outback were lush and green with plenty of seating to enjoy a quick snack.
Continue on past The two Pines Café on your right, about 800 metres down the road is a sign on your right to the Natural Arch another day out to plan.
Turn right onto Pine Creek Road and then right onto Gold Coast Springbrook Road this is where ‘Best of All Lookout is located’.

Second option

Access the Pacific Motorway M1 take exit 80 (south) scenic route 99 and follow Springbrook Road all the way to the top. This is a narrow winding road through the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland well worth the effort.

Best of All Lookout is on your right after Purlingbrook Falls. Turn right onto Repeater Station Road and follow it to the end. There is a parking bay.

View Gold Coast Hinterland Drives in a larger map
The road network for the Gold Coast Hinterland can get a little confusing check out this Google Map with a number of scenic Gold Coast Hinterland drives marked out to get an overview of the unique Gold Coast Hinterland.

Take care on this road it’s narrow and winding, there are a number of single lane bridges to cross.
Happy and safe touring…and remember to experience the Gold Coast on foot.

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