Arthur Freeman Lookout – Currumbin Valley

Arthur Freeman Lookout


Signage for Freeman's Lookout, careful you don't miss it.
Signage for Freeman’s Lookout, careful you don’t miss it.

Saturday morning it was time to move away from the coastal strip and head for the hinterland. The southern Gold Coast is literally a ‘hop skip and a jump’ to the ‘green behind the gold’ especially if you live in the Palm Beach – Currumbin area.
Let’s take a  Gold Coast scenic drive to  Arthur Freeman Lookout and then on to The Cougal Cascades Walk, Currumbin Valley. It’s been a long time since I have been to this location.

How to get to Arthur Freeman Lookout?

If you are staying along the Coastal strip I suggest you head for Currumbin and then Currumbin Creek road. There are a few different ways of getting to this location; however the most direct and easiest route to follow if you are not a local is via the  Gold Coast Hwy and head to Palm Beach Parklands. Turn off at the traffic lights onto Thrower Drive; continue through the odd shaped roundabout past Palm Beach – Currumbin High School on your left and take the Currumbin Beach turn off.  Head across Thrower Bridge (it’s hard to believe this route was the original Gold Coast Hwy) turn right at the traffic lights, you are on Currumbin Creek Road. If you turned left you will be heading for Currumbin Beach a quick detour is ok, but remember to turn around and head back to the lights and straight across to Currumbin Creek Road. More details of where this Gold Coast scenic drive will take you.

Tomewin Mountain Road, Currumbin Valley

Follow the road past Currumbin RSL and through the Currumbin Industrial estate, keep going until you arrive at Tomewin Mountain Road. Here you make a sharp left turn and start


The Lookout comes up fast, watch for fast moving traffic

to climb. This road is narrow and if you are the driver you haven’t got the luxury of looking around. Years ago much of this area was covered in Banana plantation there still are pockets further along this route but today we are not going that far. Whenever you are driving on unfamiliar roads you sometimes have to contend with local drivers who are comfortable with the road and can make your experience unpleasant by sitting on your tail. It was my lucky day the whole trip there and back not a car in sight. (Saturday morning might be the best time). After a few kilometres you will see Freeman roadside fruit stall on your right. Arthur Freeman lookout will be coming up on your right around one kilometre up the road.

You have to get out of the car

View from Arthur Freeman Lookout
View from Arthur Freeman Lookou

Be careful at this point if you are travelling too fast you might miss the lookout you have to turn right to access the lookout be wary of traffic travelling behind you. After pulling into the clearing you will have to get out of the car or you won’t see the beauty of this lookout. Walk a few metres down through the cleared land and there it is Mt Tallebudgera escarpment, part of Mount Cougal section of Springbrook National Park. Get your camera ready for some nice shots of Mt Tallebudgera cliff face. Over the years the height of the surrounding tree line has increased obscuring some of the view. But that’s not going to stop us, let’s get closer…off now back down Towewin Mountain Road to Currumbin Creek Road. Turn right onto Currumbin Creek Road and head for ‘The Cougal Cascades Walk’ and Currumbin Rock Pool.

See you at The Cougal Cascades Walk….

6 Responses to Arthur Freeman Lookout – Currumbin Valley

  1. Hi – love the blog. I am a subscriber from Currumbin. We did a nice walk the other day you might be interested in. Up Mt Coogal from the end of the Garden of Eden Rd (which is off Tomewin Rd, just on the NSW side of the border).

    Here’s the route we took, logged by GPS if you are interested….

    It was a bit of a scramble and overgrown but fun.

    The views are sensational back down Currumbin Valley, down the Tweed Valley to the sea and back inland to Mt Warning.


  2. Thanks Sam, we went on the Garden of Eden Road, but we accessed it further along Tomewin Rd Qld side and came to a locked gate and a track and a sign which didn’t say anything about the walk. I looked at the link and it looks like we took the other route. I will certainly check it out soon.

    Thanks heaps for that

  3. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Its not marked at all and I *think* you might have been at the right place. Here’s some better instructions.

    1. Drive up Tomewin Rd from the Currumbin Valley
    2. Cross the NSW border
    3. About 1km or so after the border turn right into Garden of Enden Rd. (Note – Google maps shows a road running along the border between Garden of Eden Rd and Tomewin. It doesn’t exist.)
    4. Drive down Garden of Eden Rd for about 5km? (10mins maybe). Dirt road, single track, 4wd not required.
    5. You will reach a small “carpark”. You can’t go any further due to a locked gate and authorised vehicles only sign. Leave your car here. I don’t think there are any other track markings other than this.
    6. Jump over the locked gate and immediately turn left and start walking up the hill. This fence line is the border and the walk hugs the fence line the whole way. Just keep the fence on your left for the whole walk out and you can’t go wrong.
    7. Just before you reach the summit you will come to a rocky outcrop that blocks your way. Leave the fence line and head right and you’ll come to a little valley that you can walk up without too much hassle. You are at the top of Mt Cougal’s eastern peak in another 10mins or so.

    We took 3.5hrs return of brisk walking and a couple of stops. It is quite overgrown in places and we were attacked by leeches as we did it after some rain so take precautions.

    Well worth it.

  4. Love this blog! Thanks for the info. I live in Currumbin too and my husband and I are always looking for new walks, so thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi
    I am General Manager of Connecting Southern Gold Coast and we promote tourism and the like from Currumbin south to Cooly. I am interested to know more about hinterland walks that we can mention on our website. This walk into the COugals is probably unique and we should be noting it on our website. Can you please call me to discuss on 0415 645121

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