Numinbah Valley

Numinbah Valley

Where is the Numinbah Valley?

Springbrook - Rainforest


Numinbah Valley is the green behind the gold to quote an old tourism slogan, and it can be a little confusing to decide which is the best route to take, and this also depends on what part of the Gold Coast you are living or are staying.

Lets’ be clear, are you looking for a scenic drive where time isn’t an issue and you don’t mine seeing a bit of the countryside and the Gold Coast strip combined.
If this describes you the best route for this scenic drive would be to head down to Currumbin.

Sights to see along the way

Take Currumbin Creek Road  (approximately 15.4km to the signage) and turn off on your left at Tomewin Mountain Road and head towards Murwillumbah. This is a narrow mountainous road so take care.
You will see fleeting glimpses of the Twin Peaks of The Cougals on your right, if it’s early in the day clouds or mist maybe hugging their peaks they are quite mystical. Unfortunately the driver can’t really enjoy the sight only the passenger can linger for a better view.

Freeman Fruit Stall will be also on your right this yellow truck maybe loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables. Stop here because this is one of the few remaining spots where you have a view.

Further along is Freeman’s Reach it is an historic spot were they would haul the bananas that grew on the slopes up via a flying fox.
Soon you will go through the ’Tick Gates’ and enter NSW. Years ago you had to stop here and they would checked your car for fruit and plants.


View Freeman Fruit Stall
Before reaching Murwillumbah take a right on to Numinbah Road and follow the signs to Chillingham. (From Currumbin Creek Road to Chillingham is approximately 55km)

The route to Numinbah

The Numinbah Road  (97) is a winding narrow road so take care, unfortunately there aren’t a lot of places to pull off and admire the views and scenery.
Feeman Fruit StallCall in and check out Chillingham, it is a quaint little historic village with a general store, an ideal spot to stretch your legs and have a look around.
When you cross the NSW-Queensland border you may be able to park at the top of the hill and walk down and take some photos of the view.

I haven’t stop here I always miss it and by the time I’ve realised, I’m halfway down the hill.
Take the time to stop further along the Numinbah Road (97) at the Two Pines Café nestled high in the picturesque mountains above the valley. The view along this stretch is beautiful and if it’s been a wet season you should see waterfalls in the mountain ranges.
The signage to the Natural Bridge is on you right around 1km past the Two Pines Café.
The road eventually changes its name and becomes Nerang Murwillumbah Road and finishes at Nerang. There is access via Pine Creek Road back to the Gold Coast, however before you embark on your scenic drive take a good look at the map and get your bearings.

This drive from Currumbin back to Currumbin is approximately 134km a full day out when you take into consideration stopping for morning tea and lunch and visiting Natural Bridge.

The Natural Bridge

The Numinbah Valley is a beautiful scenic drive and one that should be put on your list of things to do on the Gold Coast. Its home to Natural Bridge and part of the Springbrook National Park, there is a short one kilometre loop walk that brings you around to the Natural Bridge.
The area changes from season to season if the rainfall has been high you will see this beautiful location at it’s best. Depending on the time of year and rainfall, this will dramatically impact on your overall experience of the day.

When you enter the rock cave with its waters cascading through the opening, just stop for a moment and think of this spot before the concrete platform and steps were constructed.
Transport yourself back in time, when few tourists visited.

Natural Bridge Cave
 It’s magical now but imagine… when you had to negotiate over these black basalt rocks to the icy mountain pool below. The entrance years ago would have been draped and obscures by ferns, and orchid are said to have been growing in the crevices. When you silently entered and make your way to the farthest point of the dark chasm the glow worms would revealed their magic. 

We have all seen movies of secret hidden waterfalls in lush jungle settings; well this is one of them. However it’s my understanding that you can no longer swim in the mountain pool.

The Natural Bridge 80 years ago

This is a excerpt from a newspaper article dated 18th June 1936 this is how Winifred Moore described her visit to Natural Bridge “A Green Escape into the Valley of Numinbah’

From below one sees best that curious formation known as the natural bridge, with its rocky edge, fringed with ferns and orchids. To the left is a cave, which geologists say has been caused by fluid lava draining away and leaving the more solid material to form the walls.

Into this cave, which is about 75 feet wide and twice as long, the falling water reflected the sunlight so strongly that here and there it appeared as if illuminated by electric torches, and our moving shadows were clearly silhouetted on the far wall. Over the moist boulder-strewn floor we picked our way to the farthest corner, and looking up at the low roof saw in the darkness the tiny green points of the glow-worms, for which the cave is noted.

But for our enthusiastic comments we should have seen hundreds instead of dozens, for it appears that glow-worms do not like conversation, and when disturbed by it they withdraw into their crevices, and their little lights become invisible.

Other visitors, who were quieter, or less enthusiastic, have seen the cave roof so bespangled as to resemble the sky on a winter night.

These glow-worms, so the scientists say, are similar to those in the famous glow-worm caves of Bundanoon, New South Wales, and of Waitomo, New Zealand, and have not previously been recorded in Queensland. Source

Happy touring…

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