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You can get married here...Here on the Gold Coast we are very fortunate to be able to walk safely and in some of the most beautiful locations on earth.

However urban walking is still part of the daily routine of many who live away from the beachfront suburbs. And with that thought in mind I want to highlight a walk away from the beach, however it does have a body of water at the end of the walk.

Here goes this is a section out of one of my books. Palm Beach Self Guided Walks

Some will wonder why I have included this urban walk down Palm Beach Avenue.

Some will only see a mixture of residential and commercial businesses and conclude that they are disappointed. Because unfortunately some of us are only interested in the pretty side of life and only want to see the best of what a location offers, and that’s OK.

If this describes you and walking around suburbia is not an option for you, just think again and try something new, after all your body will thank you for it.

We’ll start from the traffic lights on the corner of Gold Coast Hwy and Palm Beach Avenue, but first look behind and glance at the ocean. As we walk down to the bottom of Palm Beach Ave, I want your imagination to kick in…its 1923. This avenue was the main route from Elanora Station to the beach, which local developers named Palm Beach Estate, instead of Elanora.

This is a description of Palm Beach in the newspaper – 1924; this is what they expected to see when they stepped off the train at Elanora and walked up Palm Beach Avenue to their accommodation.

Palm Beach Pearl of the Ocean – Brisbane Courier Mail Friday 7 November 1924

Palm Beach – Pearl of the Ocean.  

The sea its pearls”. ‘Palm Beach is one of them, it is set between the Tallebudgera Creek, where it meets the ocean, and Currumbin Creek running from the beach is a wooded plateau containing hundreds of acres, which are backed by the beautiful Tallebudgera Creek near  the beach and a fine fresh water lake.

On one of the numerous wells which have been sunk is a windmill, which pumps drinking supplies for visitors. There are many places where visitors can camp, and there is also plenty of wood for fires.    

In addition to being picturesque, the beach bears a reputation for safety. It is beginning to be sought out by the public and a little town is growing up near it. About 14 dwellings have already been erected, and there is a boarding house which is well furnished and possesses   all city comforts.          

One can reach the beach by alighting from the train at Elanora, 6 miles from Coolangatta. Less than half a mile from the railway lies the ocean, which one can see at the foot of a pleasing avenue of trees.’Read more at this link

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Turn left into Manila Ave

At the bottom of Palm Beach Ave it time to head left along Manila Ave, the Pacific Motorway just above you on your right. Take care this is a busy intersection during peak hour traffic. Walking along this route we are following the train route although the original location where the tracks were laid would be in the vicinity of the M1 Motorway.

This leg of the journey features a corridor of bushland on your right; it goes to show that even in an urban environment next to a Motorway a rainforest can grow. Some of the plants are exotic species, maybe overgrown pot plants that were dumped and now thriving in the rich wetland soil. 

Along this stretch are additional examples of homes built in the fifties and sixties, some are quaint and in good repair while others are waiting for the ever present threat of being bulldozed down and a new more trendy structure rising up. Whatever you might think of these homes, they are full of memories of generations of people. Their walls have recorded happy and tragic events.

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You will walk with the M1 on your right and eventually arrive at the traffic lights on Sarawak Ave.

Laguna Lake view

We are going to Laguna Lake so we will be leaving the traffic noise behind heading to the left, if you have checked the map ( which I recommend you do) there is an option to continue by crossing the road and taking the footbridge over Currumbin Creek this foot bridge was the location of the railway bridge that spanned the creek.

Heading along Sarawak Ave, on your right is a small creek which is tidal and flows from Currumbin Creek; it feeds Laguna Lake, the small park is where we will change direction and turn into Laguna Ave, we will follow this route till we arrive at Tahiti Ave.

Elizabeth Sloper Gardens (Laguna Park )

Take the time and stop and read the inscription on the plaque at the start of he footpath it gives the reason for the name. This park is very popular with the little ones.

You can walk the entire perimeter of the lake; although there isn’t a path on one side… it is public parkland.


This walk is nearly completed, after exploring the park, cross the road to Lakeside Shops; here you can enjoy a coffee in one of two cafes or keep heading along Philippines Parade to Palm Beach Ave.

Check my book out for more walks in Palm Beach along with a bit of local history and please email me if you have something to add a story perhaps, I would be more than happy to include it.

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

P.S. Here is an Urban Walk you can do around Sydney Harbour, we made a weekend of it and had a fabulous time.

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