Where is Currumbin Spit?

Sand paths criss cross from ocean to lagoonCan you walk Currumbin Spit? (Palm Beach)

Do you know where Currumbin Spit is? I didn’t. I have lived on the Gold Coast for many years but never knew where it was.

Walked often in this area but still didn’t know what the location was called.

Thought about it a couple of times maybe it has a name? This small piece of land wedged between the ocean and lagoon.

The first time I became aware of the name was while preparing one of the maps on Palm Beach Directory.

So where is it located? Currumbin Spit is a long thin piece of native bushland nestled between Palm Beach South and Currumbin Lagoon, around 1km round trip.

Yes you can walk around the perimeter, from Life Saving Tower 13 there is a well beaten sand path along the top of the dunes, which skirts around to the lagoon and then finally ends at Palm Beach Parklands.

Currumbin SpitWhat’s so special about Currumbin Spit?

At first glance it’s just a long piece of land with a track running down the centre nestled between the surf and calm waters.

But a closer look reveals the location has much to offer. The whole area is criss-cross with sand tracks.

This is where holiday makers and locals can change their minds as to whether they like the surf or calm waters of the lagoon and can interchange at will.

Although on a hot summer day when the tide is out it could seem like a long way to the water over that hot sand. So don’t forget to bring something to protect your feet or you could find yourself doing a fast run!




Read more and check out the map and photos.


See you on my next walk….

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