What a Tsunami Warning for the Gold Coast!

Lazy Sunday Morning with a Tsunami on the way..

Woke to the phone ringing on Sunday morning, it was my Dad,  he asked  why I wasn’t out walking and taking photos, not yet I answered, ‘there was an earthquake in Chile and a Tsunami is on its way, should feel the effects of it in a couple of hours’ he said. That woke me up in a hurry.

Thought I would check out the water…

The advice from the Emergencies Services was to stay away from the beach and out of the water; I live very close to the beach it was just a matter of a short walk to check out what was going on.

Didn’t hear the news

To my surprise there were a few people on the beach walking their dogs; maybe they hadn’t listened to the news. I probably would not have turned on the television or checked out to see what was happening in the news on a Sunday morning (Something to think about).

However the amount of people just standing with phone cameras, on the street looking at the water should have alerted some that there was something going down! The surf was up but not enough to warrant the number of onlookers and there is no way you would ever stop the board riders from entering the water, this is like paradise to them.

Warning to stay off the beach

Many were concerned

I watched for a short while and took some photos, not the best location and light; I was more interested in what people were saying. There was an element of concern, pointing to changes in the swell, dark shadows on the horizon. Sunshine pouring behind cloudbanks to expose the surf on the rise can play tricks on your mind when you’re a little anxious.

Concern expressed at Palm Beach Surf Club

Jefferson Lane Walk

Well I couldn’t walk on the beach so I took a walk along Jefferson Lane, the “living history” walk. The day was beautiful, how could there be a Tsunami warning it seemed inconceivable, it just didn’t gel. Thoughts flooded my mind as to how I would react if suddenly I saw a wall of water heading my way, duck behind the nearest building? Maybe I should have taken a radio?

Reaching Palm Beach Life Saving Club on Jefferson Lane, all the warnings were out, surf craft off the beach, signs warning locals and visitors to stay off the beach and out of the water! There was a line of locals staring out to sea and then focusing on the board riders enjoying their ride, thoughts swing from present to future.

Tower 13

Arriving at Rockview Park, I spoke up to the local Lifeguard at Tower 13 to see what the latest was, she said she had been so busy all morning with people going down the beach and the next couple of hours were of some concern.

Signs on the beach

Life guard tower 13

The day was just perfect, you could easily be deceived into thinking there wasn’t a problem, no wind, little or no cloud but then the real activity was under the water out of sight to us all!

Brunch at the Dune Cafe

At Currumbin Lagoon I was ready for that Latte and a muffin at the Dune Café, there was a bit of background chit chat about the looming rise in the ocean level. The young waiter arrived with my order, so I asked what was the latest, he said that they had observed a small rise in the water level in the lagoon and the Emergencies Services had been around warning people to stay off the beach,  I glanced over to see and sure enough there were people walking their dogs on the small bit of beach left on Currumbin Spit.


Majority stayed off the beach

However on the whole the photos reflect only small numbers of individuals ignoring directions from Emergencies Services. (Maybe they never heard the news) I wouldn’t have turned on the news on such a beautiful Sunday morning.

Very few on the beach at Palm Beach


With that thought see you on my next walk….

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