Tallebudgera Beach and Burleigh Headland Walk

There are so many activities to do on the Gold Coast whether you are a local or holidaying at Tallebudgera Tourist Park one of the best activities is walking. When walking around Burleigh Headland National Park you should pinch yourself, this would have to be one of the best Gold Coast Walks. The location is breathtaking no wonder international tourists make their way to this spot.

Observing Burleigh Headland from a distance before you take the ocean circuit walk is just as impressive and I highly recommend it. This will give you a sense of just how majestic this headland really is, similar in beauty to North Queensland where the rainforest meets the sea.Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast

Check out Tallebudgera Beach

My suggestion is before you walk around the ocean circuit of Burleigh Headland National Park, cross the bridge over Tallebudgera Creek and walk along the rock wall (groyne) and soak in Burleigh Headland’s beauty from a distance. Make sure you have your camera; this view would have to be one of the most striking on the Gold Coast.
If Tallebudgera Creek is a deep sea green you know you have picked a great day. No wonder Tallebudgera Beach won Queensland’s cleanest beach award, this location is magic, if you have time stay a while and enjoy Burleigh Headland from Tallebudgera Beach.

Take a virtual walk around Tallebudgera Beach and foreshore.

This majestic headland must be one of the most photographed locations on the Gold Coast, with Surfers Paradise in the far distance makes a nice addition to the view.Walking Burleigh Headland
South is Palm Beach’s white sand stretching before you right to the mouth of Currumbin Creek and Currumbin Rock seemingly sitting on the breakers. Extending the ocean circuit to encompass Tallebudgera beach and rock-wall along Tallebudgera Creek will only enhance your walk around Burleigh Headland ocean circuit.

Tallebudgera BridgeTime to cross Tallebudgera Creek Bridge

After soaking in the view it’s time to cross back over Tallebudgera Bridge to the entrance of Burleigh National Park and walk the ocean circuit of Burleigh Headland. Make sure you take a water bottle and hat during the warmer months. Observing Tallebudgera Creek on your right from the ocean circuit of Burleigh Headland you will see first hand how the rainforest meets the sea or in this case the creek. Echo Beach is constantly changing the drifting sand can transform the beach overnight, so every time you visit it will look different.

Water Dragon’s are watching you!

Water Dragon Burleigh Headland National ParkFurther along this winding path are large boulders littering the terrain this is where you may encounter some friendly locals, the ‘Eastern Water Dragon’ is one.  On this day they were sitting sunning themselves on rocks that lined the path and no one was going to make them move. There were so many of them I could hardly believe my eyes, all on their individual boulder, as if watching a show. My camera was out and I captured this shot. However I’m not sure who is watching who, maybe this is their form of entertainment for the day watching the humans. They certainly had my attention!
Walk Tallebudgera Creek and Burleigh Headland and see the Gold Coast from both directions.

Burleigh Headland information in pdf

See you on my next walk.

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  1. Following our earlier visit to your blog we decided to try the Tallebudgera Beach and Burleigh Headland Walk
    as suggested above. We had a great day out and, not that we needed it, reaffirmed why we live here. Cheers, GCA

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