Pet Friendly Gold Coast

Tallebudgera Beach dog exercising area (North Palm Beach)


Dog at Palm Beach-tied to pole

Palm Beach North dog exercise area is a pet friendly Gold Coast beach next to the rock groyne under the shadow of beautiful Burleigh Headland National Park.

The same scenario repeated here a hive of movement, dozens and dozens of Gold Coast dogs frolicking in the ocean.

Chasing and retrieving balls, greeting each other like it’s a weekly meet-fest on the beach.

Dogs seem to know that parks and beaches are common ground and a place to interact with their owners and their doggy friends. It’s fun time at Palm Beach dog exercise area.
If you prefer a quieter area visit during a week day there are far less people and dogs about and if your dog is a little boisterous or nervous this would be a good introduction to the area.

With that thought in mind if your dog is a little unruly or jumps please take note of the following for dog walking recommendation on the Gold Coast.

Keep control of your dog…

One area dog owners need to be mindful of is keeping control of their dogs. Your dog maybe friendly but not everyone likes dogs and many people and children are frightened of them. You must keep them under control at all times. These are some basic commands required in order to do this;

  • Your dog comes back to you when called
  • No jumping on people or children

This is the Gold Coast City Council definition of ‘effective control’ for dog exercise areas.

  • Your dog must be under your effective control for the entire time it is off leash.
  • Effective control means your dog responds to your command and remains close to you. If your dog is not sufficiently trained to behave in this manner at all times, do not allow it off-leash. On the spot fines apply when dogs are off-leash and not under effective control.

Dog’s droppings

There is nothing worse than walking along a beautiful clean beach and coming across dog waste on the sand. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Your pet is out of sight (which it shouldn’t be) and you haven’t seen it going.
  • You have failed to bring with you plastic bags to deposit the droppings, and have relied solely on picking them up from the dispenser at the exercise area.
  • Don’t rely on the dispensers; they may not have been replenished. Always carry your own bags.
  • You just don’t care and think the tide will come and wash it out to sea. No! What will happen is it will be deposited further up the beach and spoil someone’s day after they step into it or are brushed by it in the water.

Bully on Palm Beach

Remember that others use the same location for recreational purposes, don’t spoil the location for them, and be considerate so all can enjoy the site.

Tallebudgera Beach has received the top honour of being named Queensland’s cleanest beach, we want to go for the third time.
If you decide to walk the length of the beach keep the following in mind;

  • Dogs are prohibited in all children’s playground areas

  • Dogs are not permitted within 200 metres of all flagged bathing areas, if you don’t comply penalties apply.

The Gold Coast is a pet friendly location; always check the Gold Coast City signage in the location first before allowing your dog off leash.


Check the Gold Coast City website for further details

Happy dog walking on the pet friendly Gold Coast..

2 Responses to Pet Friendly Gold Coast

  1. I need to print the part of this out which is about keeping dogs under effective control, and have it handy on a piece of paper. This time I wouldn’t need to engage in wasted conversation, any time there’s an ignorant dog owner at the “dog park” allowing his large energetic ungainly dog to rush up to other people and their dogs. The majority of owners are aware and responsible, but this does still happen every now and then, and it’s extremely annoying. I’m not talking just about the chaos, dog fights and fear of being knocked over. I’m talking about trying to explain to the irresponsible dog owner, why it is that the council has got policies about keeping our dogs under control. To be met with a storm of insults, aggression and abuse is just disheartening and an exercise in futility. I was called “old, fat and ugly, with a low IQ” yesterday morning in the dog park, after I asked a man to keep his BIG 6 month old puppy away from me and my dog. I had just seen it rush at high speed across the park to another woman walking two dogs, one of which immediately became aggressive towards the big intruder, and there was a very noisy skirmish, with the woman caught up in the middle of it. I waited to enter the park, then called out to the big dog owner, “Please keep your dog away from me”, which provoked a storm of insults and ridicule. Trying to reason with him about public safety, or mentioning the fact that I have already been knocked over and injured by a dog in public, had no effect. He even acknowledged that he knew a man had BOTH his legs broken at that very park. His attitude was still, “My dog didn’t knock you over, so what’s the problem?” as he struggled to keep it sitting next to him, now back on leash. He said, “So you expect me to keep him tied up on a leash while yours just runs around?” not seeing the obvious, that my 5kg adult dog who never jumps on or rushes anyone, would not be causing the same risk as his untrained and enthusiastic 40kg puppy. Words fail me. Council needs to regularly publish these paragraphs about keeping dogs under effective control, to remind people that the use of public parks also requires responsible and collaborative dog ownership.

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