Palm Beach Sunrise Walk Creek to Creek

Palm Beach is an interesting beach suburb, nestled between two creeks Currumbin and Tallebudgera. The location lends itself to some spectacular scenery not featured in other areas of the Gold Coast. There are quite a few walks that offer a variety of scenes, boardwalks, beach and parklands. Overtime we will visit by foot some of these locations but this time it’s all about the beach!

Wherever you are in Palm Beach you are not far from the beach, just head for the Gold Coast Hwy and there just a few metres away usually in sight…..the water!

It is wonderful to walk on the beach early morning, now the sun comes up so early. On Sunday morning I was up early to take advantage of the cool morning air before the sun grew too hot.

Dog Friendly Palm Beach Gold Coast

Surprisingly just before 5am there were quite a few making their way down for a morning stroll. The ‘dog crew’ were the early birds,

Not ready for a walk just yet..

although this ‘Bull Terrier’ wasn’t in a hurry he just wanted to sit and enjoy the morning sun. (Something they are noted for) His owner along with a few others were already strolling along the beach, he did however eventually decide to join them. If you like walking your dog on the beach Palm Beach is the place to come.Walking the length of Palm Beach should take you approximately 40mins depending how many times you stop to pick up shells or take in the view.

Take advantage of walking this stretch of beach during the early morning it can get very warm after 7am particularly if there isn’t any sea breeze.

If you start at the southern end of Palm Beach, (Currumbin Creek) you will not be disappointed with the views in both directions. Looking south you have Currumbin Alley with its beautiful rock formation jutting out to reach for the surf and behind is Currumbin Lagoon, looking north is Burleigh Headland with Surfers Paradise in the distance. Even hi-rises can take on another form in the early morning light they can sparkle and look magical when the first rays of sunlight drench their windows with light.

Heading along the beach towards Tallebudgera Creek you will have Burleigh Headland looming ever closer with its inviting green canopy creeping onto Echo Beach. But hang on you can’t possibly see all this in one morning stroll at sunrise, unless you have a jet ski and the water is like glass making it possible to ski from one end of the beach to the other. (It is possible) So it looks like you will have to take a number of walks along this stretch of beach to enjoy both creek to creek scenes.

Early morning Palm Beach

View this link to see a Palm Beach Sunrise

But this blog is all about the sunrise, so during the holiday period please take the time to get up very early and take advantage of this beautiful place we call the Gold Coast.
Click on this link to view some photos capturing early morning at Palm Beach Gold Coast

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