Palm Beach Feast

Arriving in Palm Beach at around 6.15pm we were amazed to find the amount of people already walking towards Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Ave, Palm Beach

While roaming the block to find a park, you could see the locals streaming up from the avenues to attend Palm Beach Feast. I felt a little tug at my heart strings to see the level of participation.

However I was to be blown away by the sheer numbers present in Fifth Avenue sitting at tables watching street performers, listening to music and it wasn’t even 6.30!

Coles Palm BeachEven Coles Supermarket got into the act, with a chef tossing delights in the air landing in his pan much to the delight of a large crowd of future customers.

We enjoyed the excitement and revelry till our tummies starting becoming louder than the band. So it was off to find a place to eat.

This wasn’t going to be easy, every restaurant and cafe was packed inside and their street vendors were trying to cope with the line of people wanting food.

We sat in Palm Beach Hotel and had a drink, we starting sending out scouts to break into the battlefield of people seeking sustenance, but to no avail. We hadn’t (me) anticipated the volume of attendees, it was truly mind boggling.

Booking beforehand would have been the thing to do, but alas it was too late for that.

Food Trail up to Seventh Avenue

There was only one option left; we would have to leave the energy and magic of the event in search of another food source.

We headed towards Seventh Ave in hope of a sit down meal, but unfortunately every restaurant and takeaway was packed to the rafters.

Even Palm Beach Surf Club couldn’t help us. Subway was starting to look like our last option and then we glanced across the road to Palm Beach Apartments, a neon sign blinked ‘Mirrors Restaurant’, a quick phone called revealed a table available for six people, could this be possible in this town that had already thrown a magic spell upon us.

Why is there a table free? Is there something we don’t know about?

My companions being much younger than I cautiously peeked in through the window, not sure about the place, we did tell them we weren’t dressed up and they were ok with that.

In we went; it looked like the food could be French and probably expensive… in a milliseconds the old world charm of the place engulfed us. The wallpaper, the chairs, the lighting, it was so ‘old world’ (retro) it was trendy and the warm service we received from the restaurateur was infectious.

She was charming and witty and our grumbling tummies started to relax.  She turned on the air-conditioner in the corner and we were set.Mirrors Fifth Ave, Palm Beach

I glanced around and thought I was in another country, not a mere few metres from the beach.

While soaking up the surroundings in the soft light, I was transported to a restaurant I visited in Las Vegas, the old Vegas in Fremont Street.

It was called Hugo’s Cellars, while I’m not saying it was like this restaurant there was something that instantly communicated that you were going to be looked after, it was a feeling.

And I wasn’t alone; my son said the exact same thing before I verbally conveyed it and the rest of the table equally loved the experience.

What about the food?

We had to wait awhile, but it was worth every minute. The cuisine trumped the location, it was hot, fresh and beautifully presented and a huge portion.

Mirrors Restaurant Palm Beach SeafoodUnfortunately the photographs don’t do it justice.  This is a restaurant that I would recommend. I just loved the service, the food and the old world atmosphere that once was.

Mirrors Restaurant 07 5534 3290

Address: 1093 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Palm Beach Feast was a success from my perspective, a wonderful family night of entertainment and hopefully it will be a regular event.

Unfortunately the photos weren’t the best a new camera, new settings; (don’t know what I’m doing) however I changed the grainy noisy photos to illustrations.



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