Oceanwalk Palm Beach to Miami Beach – Gold Coast

Oceanway Palm Beach to Miami Beach

After being distracted over the last few months with 3 overseas business trips, it was time to have a decent walk not just a stroll along the beach.
This walk is around 14 kilometres round trip not a biggie for seasoned walkers but none the less a fair walk. Backpack, hat and water bottle in tow I headed off to the beach at Palm Beach, walked along the sand till 23rd Ave and then took the easy route off the beach onto the grass and walked ‘The Esplanade’.

I was feeling a little sluggish and wanted to conserve my energy for the rest of the journey. Walking along the beach on the soft sand is a great exercise; however it can delete your reserves if you have a distance to go and you have started your journey mid morning.

Duneway-North Palm Beach

Continue along the pathway which changes from grass to tarred road past Tallebudgera Surf Life Saving Club along the Dune Way a concrete pathway to Tallebudgera Creek. At this point you will see Burleigh Headland looming up and under foot Aboriginal cultural theme paintings depicting the Aboriginal history of the area. Reading these fascinating stories attached to this area, and glancing up at Burleigh Headland you can feel the mystic nature of the location, imagine what it would have looked like 100 years ago.Duneway part of the Oceanwalk network

A little bit of trivia…

According to historical records travel was by coach or horseback along the beach, and early travellers often forded Tallebudgera Creek. Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creek road bridges were constructed in 1926 just eighty five years ago not a long time in the scheme of things.

View from Tallebudgera Bridge

Crossing Tallebudgera Bridge

Take a quick detour along Tallebudgera rock groyne and admire one of the Gold Coast’s best views north to Surfers Paradise and south to Coolangatta its hard to resist. However we have a way to go yet. Back on track to Tallebudgera Bridge, cross the Tallebudgera Bridge but hold onto your hat it can get windy the last thing you want is to see your sun hat blow off and float away. Great views here so don’t forget your camera.

Burleigh Headland, Surfers Paradise in the distance

Burleigh Headland National Park

At the end of the bridge turn right at the entrance of Burleigh Headland National Park, I took the ocean circuit that hugs the base of the headland, Sandy Bay and Echo Beach on your right. There is a path where you can take a quick diversion onto echo beach for a peek.
At this stage the clouds were starting to move in and rain isn’t far behind, if it’s going to rain it will rain while  walking the headland. Further along the ocean circuit the rainforest is quite dense and the cloud cover makes the area dark and mysterious.

Leaving Burleigh National Park

Walk down the hill towards Burleigh Heads, but not before soaking up the vista, way in the distance is your final destination just over the next headland along the coastline. Take a break now before going on you’re been walking for a solid hour or maybe longer depending on where you started in Palm Beach. Burleigh Heads offer a variety of cafes and restaurants take a break here before going on.

Time for a break..

My regular watering hole was closed so I took a quick detour onto the Gold Coast Hwy and had a nice latte and pumpkin cheese cake. (it is the Easter long weekend)
Continue along The Esplanade to North Burleigh, at this stage you will be reaching North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club, if you haven’t had a break take one here, a good spot for lunch and to do a bit of people watching. Don’t forget to take some id or they will not let you enter.

Platform at North Burleigh HeadlandNorth Burleigh – Mick Schamburg Park

Prepare yourself for a steep climb up the hill from Mick Schamburg Park it’s worth the effort, turn right and head along the tarred road at the top of the hill to the Surf Rescue Communications Centre there is a viewing platform and stunning views. The vista following the coastline north and south is impressive. Unfortunately this day a storm was building in the south and heading in my direction.North Burleigh Headland

I like real time photos but not today, most of the photos in this post are from previous walks…..

There are two viewing platforms, so make sure you access both of them.

Miami Beach Gold Coast QueenslandHead north back along the tarred roadway to the grassed area at the top of the hill, linger for a while before tackling the stairs down the headland.

This is a popular spot for runners and those who want to keep fit by running up and down these stairs a few times.

I darn you to try it a few times!

Lores Bonney Lookout

Before you climb down the stairs if you keep walking along the headland you will come to ‘Lores Bonney Lookout’ this provides another perspective of this beautiful Gold Coast view. Further along the headland is a well beaten pathway through the bush, here you will end up looking down over Don MacSween Park below. Over the years I had often looked up and seen people at the end of this rocky headland and wondered where the access point was. (Whether the pathway is still accessible I don’t know, it was over 12 months ago)

Destination in sight head down the stairs

Burleigh Headland view from Miami Beach

At the bottom of the steps check out the beach if it’s low tide, continue along the beach a little way and you may be able to see Burleigh Headland from a new perspective. Back onto the path for the final few metres to the sculpture called ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ in ‘Don Macsween Park’ this is where this walk ends
At this point you have walked approximately 7 kilometres but you have to walk back making it a 14 kilometre round trip.

There are now three options:

  1. Keep going and head for Surfers Paradise, take your shoes off get the sand between your toes walk along the beach, no headland to hold you back!
  2. Walk back following the same route approximately 14 kilometres round trip.
  3. Catch the bus back, this is one of the great advantages of being on the Gold Coast, just head for the Gold Coast Hwy and look for a bus shelter a bus will be along in a short while.

See you on my next walk…

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  1. My girlfriend and I regularly meet and walk somewhere on the Gold Coast. Recently we did this very walk and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really is a great walk and as we walked and strolled and enjoyed the views it was very relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend this walk.

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