It’s a dog’s life here! At Currumbin Spit

Palm Beach SpitIt’s a dog’s life here at Palm Beach Spit! (known also as Currumbin Spit)

You are going to love this place, it’s a dog owner’s paradise for exercising your dog, just follow the councils signage and you and your pooch are going to have a great time.

Much of the area is geared for them. Walk them, let them run or perhaps have a dip in the lagoon in the designated area…a great Gold Coast walk for you and a Gold Coast exercise area for your dog.

Be early on the weekend

Some weekends if you glance along the edge of the lagoon, there is a maze of children, adults and dogs of every size and breed, all in a harmonious buzz, all basking in the warm tranquil waters of Currumbin lagoon.

A dog exercise area in paradise!

Your dog can dig roll and splash in the water, there’s no soap here… at Palm Beach Spit beach exercise area…

Beach side of exercise areaIt’s an amazing place to observe the antics of dogs and their owners resting in the calm waters of the lagoon on a hot summer day. I bet they don’t behave the same way when it’s bath time!

Have you ever noticed how dogs are so friendly with each other at the beach? Fights are rare, it’s like they know that this is heaven, dig, roll and splash in the water, there’s no soap here!

Gold Coast Walks

Palm Beach Spit sand trails

When you are all done with swimming and walking or running, how about exploring the other side of the lagoon, Tarrabora Reserve, and Beree Badalla Boardwalk. However take note there are no dogs allowed in Tarrabora Reserve you will have to access the boardwalk by crossing the Gold Coast Hwy and taking the first road on your left. You can take your dog on the boardwalk but keep it on a leash.

But first why not have something to eat at the Dune Café. you can secure your dog to the special area on the western side of the cafe, take careful note of the signage or you could be fined…

Where Palm Beach Spit is? check out this map.

This link is the Gold Coast City Council website directing in to where you can exercise your dog.

See you on my next walk.

10 Responses to It’s a dog’s life here! At Currumbin Spit

  1. I have a Golden Retriever who loves the water. We want to take her to this spit and lagoon. We are from Brisbane, where exactly is it?
    Thank you

  2. Melanie thanks for the comment,I have put a link with a map at the bottom of this post. It is part of Palm Beach Parklands. It’s a great spot for the family and your pet. Just pay attention to the signage the council dog ranger is very active. It can get busy on the weekend, be early, it’s a good location for your dog and you can take advantage of the beach and the lagoon. A wonderful spot to watch all the breeds having a fabulous day out of the beach!

  3. I heard that Currumbin was a nice place for dogs. Well never again. I have never known a doggy area to have signage for no dogs allowed. I was with my parents in their 70’s following them through the maze of people and dogs. We parked on the north of the cafe and I had a hard time getting past as there was one particular agressive dog tired up in front of the cafe. We walked on the grass hoping to get to the beach not seeing any sign that no dogs were allowed. My dog was on a leach, the council man was not forgiving as we never saw a sign…afterwards I saw the sign near the cafe, it stands about 3feet high, was most likely blocked by the number of customers and dogs…my parents cried when he said it was a $240 fine. I asked for a warning….but no luck. For someone who has never been there before. A man showed us where to go…as we walked down around the path he ran after us as we were about to enter the same area from the other side… unfortunate and unfair. The council man just needed to catch an unsuspecting dog lover who thought they were doing the right for the 3 foot sign, make it head height so you can see it

    • How disappointing Margie, I would speak to the GCCC about the incident and how unclear the signage is for someone new to the park. It would have been very busy on Monday being a public holiday. The best time is during a week day if possible. The problem Margie is unlike yourself who wants to do the write thing, there are so many that don’t care. I frequently walk that area ( I don’t have a dog) and see individuals all the time letting their dogs off to run in the mangroves along the boardwalk and unfortunately there are no inspectors around to fine them. Hope you get somewhere with it.


      • Thanks for your encouragement, and yes I understand. This is Australia so I appreciate we have to have rules. I eventually 3.5 weeks later got the letter, but no joy, no leniency. Well my dear parents have insisted on paying the bill as I was following there lead. This is there part of my letter. They are in there late 70’s, God Bless them .
        To whom it may concern:
        We have been married pensioners for 59 years having first met at Currumbin and over the years learned to appreciate dogs, we were delighted to discover the leash free area on the northern side of Currumbin Creek where we had a swim ourselves.
        On public holidays our youngest daughter sometimes takes us to the Spit, dog leash free area for a picnic on the beach. Finding the surf too challenging at our age we had suggested Currumbin Creek as a better alternative.

        On her first attempt to take us there and her Labrador to Currumbin, she, with dog on short leash says, YOU LEAD THE WAY. I HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE. There were many dogs tethered around the facility so we veered around them because they were barking at our dog and we went around the facility on the wrong side, having never taken a dog there before, heading across the lawn with her dog on a short lease heading straight for the leash free area from which my wife and I walked up after a swim without a dog a few weeks prior, not realising the signs referred to the lawn area.

        We confirm our daughter was innocently led astray by her aged retired parents.
        Yours sincerely

        Grace and Noel Davis

        From Margaret Robbins 30 Crozier Cres Meadowbrook 4131

  4. Also need to add, the sign on the northern end which we did not see with all the dogs and people there is 3ft high?
    I did say that, and that we did not see it. Never again will I go to Currumbin, or my elderly parents who fear they will be on edge now wondering if they will get a fine.

  5. The best place to take your dog? Try the spit, there is plenty of parking, signs are clear. A fantastic toilet block , showers and drinking area for you pet.
    You can even swim with your dog between the flags on the off leash end..Everyone is very nice and considerate..congratulations to the gold coast council

  6. It is sad about the bully council dog inspectors.
    It spoils every ones day when you have revenue raising bullies at beautiful locations like this.
    Breaks my heart when you see 70 and 80 year olds break down and cry when approached by bullies wanting $240.00 when it was their first time and did not know about the grassed area and no dogs. Shame Gold Coast city council shame!

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