Elanora Wetlands

Elanora Wetlands

Elanora Wetlands

Beautiful Bush Walking Trail at Elanora Wetlands Reserve

It’s been over three years since I walked Elanora Wetlands along the upper reaches of Tallebudgera Creek, and what a difference in the walking trail. The volunteers and maintenance from the Gold Coast City Council have made a vast improvement in the experience.


The last time I walked this area it was with my father, it’s an isolated spot away from the urban sprawl, so I always recommend having a companion, although within a stone throw of urban development this is still bushland and snakes are always a possibility.


In the early morning on Australia Day 2010 my father and I walked this area, it was summer and the grass was wet and long, we were the first of the day to blaze the trail, so with the cobwebs untouched from the previous night’s activity and just the right height to hit me in the face, I was understandably jumpy.


We only got as far as the Elanora Water Treatment Plant fence and had to abandon our journey, the grass was shoulder height and drenched in dew and the thought of ticks, leeches and snakes was filling my head. All the cobwebs had made me edgy.


Elanora Wetlands Revisited

So along with my 87 year old father, who I might add is in perfect health, we set off via car and drove down Tallebudgera Drive, Palm Beach onto the service road and parked under the Pacific Motor Way (M1) Overpass.

The sign at the start of this walking trail reads:

Ecological Restoration Work in Progress

Council’s Natural  Area Management Unit and volunteers from Elanora Wetlands Bushcare group are working to restore this bushland through the Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Program.

More Volunteers Welcome

Enquire: 07 5581 1537

Not sure where Elanora Wetlands is located?

This is my walk around the Wetlands…

around 2.55 km

Check out Mapmywalk link for exact map details


Elanora Wetlands Map

The day was one of those perfect autumn days you get on the Gold Coast, temperatures in the low twenties and the waters of Tallebudgera Creek were like glass. Even with the tide out exposing the muddy underbelly of the creek’s banks and revealing the rock shelfs it was still magnificent.

It was a pleasant surprise to reach the last point we finished in 2010 and continue on alongside the creek and soak up the scenery. The grass was still very tall but the track was wide and well maintained, with lovely views of the water.

Elanora Wetlands

If bird watching or photography is your thing you will love this walk. There are plenty of opportunities for both activities.

But on a serious note snakes are an ever present risk while bush walking and we should be aware of our surroundings, you can easily become distracted by taking a photographs.

The track eventually opens up to a wide open area with the Pacific Motorway (M1) in front of you and at this point you have to retrace your steps.


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