Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve

Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve

This recreational space was named after Eddie Kornhauser, he was a Gold Coast developer that was responsible for building the Paradise Centre, in Surfers Paradise.  Mr Kornhauser was one of many developers that shaped the Gold Coast skyline in the early 1970s.

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Map of Reserve

At this reserve there is nearly eight kilometres of walking tracks, wonderful open spaces for biking riding, dog walking and running, however during the summer months it could get very hot.

This reserve is a dog walkers delight, there is a unique island for off leash exercise for your dog.

In addition there is a small pocket of rainforest, but there doesn’t seem to be any access to it, however for birdwatcher its worth putting on your list.

This park is very similar to Shuster Park, but instead of Tallebudgera Creek meandering past, there is a central lake system, with wetlands that supports a number of ecosystems, along with a small pocket of rainforest that doesn’t seem to be accessible by any walking track.

On the east side of the park is Lakewoods Estate, a well established residential community that compliments the parklands.

I do recall when the estate was being built
one of the important features was to maintain the wetlands and wooded areas and this seems to have been achieved.

Like most parks it can be busy at certain times in the day or on the weekends. However I walked nearly eight kilometres along the concrete pathways and only came across three people and one was on a bike.

If you wander off the pathway, the ground could be wet!

There are two access points but I took the one on Guineas Creek Road just after the roundabout on your left there are a few parking spaces and this is popular with people who exercise their dogs.

Eddie Kornhauser Recreational ReserveIt’s simple from here on just take the concrete path and start walking; soon you will come to a picturesque lake.

I hope the day is kind to you and it looks it’s best.

The first time I visited this park I didn’t realise there was a pump in the Lake and watched the swirling waters for quite a few minutes expecting something like the Loch Ness Monster to emerge before I realised it was a pumping system.

Prolific birdlife is an important aspect of Gold Coast Parks and this area is no exception, if you possess the patience required for bird watching don’t forget to put this Reserve on your list.

There are a large variety of birds represented here from screeching parrots over head to an abundance of water birds.

  • Cormorants
  • Herons
  • Magpie Geese
  • Black Swans
  • Wild Ducks
  • Honey eaters

When you reach the open grasslands look to your right, there are stables; you might just see some of our four legged friends in the corrals. Horses hoof prints in the soft damp ground the day I walked indicate that sometimes they escape.

Make sure you wear a sun hat, sun screen and take a bottle of water. Best to plan your walk early…

Views of the HinterlandLooking to the west are views of the border ranges in the distance, the southern Gold Coast is very close to the hinterland, you are standing in it right now and we are only a couple of minutes drive from Nineteenth Ave Shopping Centre and maybe five minute drive to The Pines Shopping Centre on Guineas Creek Road.


Shortly you will arrive at the end of this walking track and it will be time to turn around and walk back. But first, why not cross the road and have a coffee at the Wicked Bean Cafe for a break you will see the ‘Man on the Bike’ (Penny Farthing) to your right.

I hope you enjoy your walk at Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve!

See you on my next walk…


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  2. Thank you for your interesting blog. I chanced upon your blog when I googled Gold Coast Elanora Park Eddie, after googling Hares Queensland. The reason is I walked about six kilometres in this park today, and I go there quite often, but this is the first time I have seen two hares there.

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