Currumbin Lagoon and Tarrabora Reserve – Palm Beach Parklands

Currumbin lagoon doesn’t that sound exotic!

Currumbin Lagoon is an area hidden from view. While travelling along the Gold Coast Highway if you glance to the left travelling south just before Currumbin Bridge you will notice an open area where the former Palm Beach Currumbin Bowls Club was located you will see the carpark and perhaps a large yellow sail but that’s about all.

But don’t be mistaken this open area is one little piece of paradise. Everything that you would ever need for a perfect day out is here. Feel like a brisk walk a run on the beach or a casual stroll maybe you have the stroller!…. Currumbin Lagoon and Tarrabora Reserve is where you need to be.Currumbin Lagoon

I must say that initially I was not happy with the changes to this area, the old Palm Beach Currumbin Bowls Club site was elevated and looked over Currumbin Lagoon. However the site is now evolving to be a hub of social activity.

There are lots of options at Palm Beach Parklands, if you are standing facing Currumbin Lagoon turn right and you can follow the pathway to Tarrabora Reserve, where the trail meanders along Currumbin Estuary, there are areas of sandy beach to sit and enjoy beautiful Currumbin Creek. This walk is particularly beautiful in the early morning…. join the locals and go for an early morning swim.

Tarrabora Reserve -Flora & FaunaFlora Tarrabora Reserve

Tarrabora Reserve features an abundance of native plants which have been left largely to their own devices. However with the increase of foot traffic this could present some problems down the track. A large variety of birdlife inhabit this area, but you will have to get up early to catch them. Over the last few years many of the ground birds which breed in the reeds have disappeared,  previously they would scatter across the path while walking past their habit. I suspect this reduction of numbers is a combination of increased use of the area and perhaps dog owners not keeping their pets on a leash. Although having said that a fox was spotted there and I am sure did quite a bit of damage. Read more about walks in this area Beree Badalla Boardwalk is just beyond this area.

Check out this walk!

Another option is to head left and follow the path passed the Dune Café and enjoy views of beautiful Palm Beach and Currumbin Alley. You can head for the beach and walk around Currumbin Spit or follow the concrete path passed  Currumbin Sands, Royal Palm & Princess Palm towers continue around to ‘living history’ Jefferson Lane and see some of the original beach shacks that are part of Palm Beach’s history take the time to walk Jefferson lane before these ‘living history structures’ are gone forever.

Take a Virtual Walk of Currumbin Lagoon right Now…

Dune Café

Last but not least …..  you don’t have to bring your own lunch you can have an enjoyable meal at the Dune Café. This Café focuses on families…..want an ice-cream for the kids or enjoy an early morning breakfast on your own and soak up the perfect view of Currumbin Lagoon. The only downside is at the time of writing this blog, the Café doesn’t open till 8am. A bit of a bummer for all you early morning walkers that like to have a coffee before 8am.

Whichever walk you decide to take you will not be disappointed.

See you on my next walk

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