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Beree Badalla Boardwalk -Walk


Last Sunday morning I decided to go for a walk along Beree Badalla Boardwalk, I’ve done this walk dozens of times and never tire of the experience. Given the choice I’d prefer the boardwalk when the tide is high. The area takes on a completely different look, however having said that if the tide is low it exposes some of the crabs hiding places that would otherwise be unnoticed. (if you are interested in that sort of thing) The boardwalk meanders along Currumbin Creek, curving and straitening like a lazy cat…..Beree Badalla Boardwalk

Take notice of who’s walking by….

While walking you can put your head down and shut out the world or take notice of your surroundings, you can look around and soak up the location and take some interest in who’s walking by. Every time I’ve done this I have been rewarded in some small way. This time as I came around one of the bends on the boardwalk there was a couple with a pair of binoculars checking out the birdlife, ( I should have been quick and taken a photo) after a short conversation it was revealed that we went to the same  High School at the same time and reminisced about our old High School days. Although I must confess it took me a while to remember some of my old teacher’s names, haven’t thought about it for years!
So you never know who you will meet on a walk. ( I didn’t meet but I saw a fox, early one morning …the four leg variety).

Don’t forget your camera no shortage of great shots to take!

Currumbin Creek on a quiet Sunday morning

Back to the walk…this is a short walk, however you can extend it by starting at Palm Beach Parklands, where you can enjoy beautiful Currumbin Lagoon and then follow the pathway to Tarrabora Reserve, which joins up with Beree Badalla Boardwalk. The boardwalk starts at the southern end by entering the mangroves immediately, these look a little different to the mangroves at Tallebudgera Conservation Park near Fleays WildLife Park. Being close to the mouth of Currumbin Creek the water always seems to have that sweet clean smell, unlike the mangroves in the upper reaches of any creek that are rich in nutrients and organic matter.

Places to rest along the way

After a short walk the boardwalk opens up to clear uninterrupted views of Currumbin Creek, and then you disappear back behind the mangroves. Eventually the boardwalk opens up into a wide space. There are a number of areas where you can sit and admire the view, so it’s worth taking a drink and perhaps some breakfast/morning tea. Quite often you will find people fishing along this side of the creek, it must be a good spot, and they seem to bring enough gear to keep themselves comfy for awhile.

Places to rest and have a snack

Best to take this walk early in the day, the boardwalk can get very warm later in the day, so don’t forget the essentials (hat, sunscreen, water and insect repellent). I said this before and I’ll say it again, you never know who you will meet on a walk. Read more about Berree Badalla Boardwalks

Keep going if you are up to it..

If you are still full of energy just turn left at the end of the boardwalk and cross Thrower Bridge and do the Currumbin Beach Walk..

Take a walk along Beree Badalla Boardwalk Now…

See you on my next walk…

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