Tarrabora Reserve

Tarrabora Reserve’s use from park and recreation has now been reclassified to ‘environmental’ to protect its vegetation from development.

This little piece of bushland between the busy Gold Coast Highway at Palm Beach and Currumbin Creek deserves to be protected.
It’s a wonderful addition to Palm Beach Parklands where you can get that bush walk feel without travelling any distance.

Tarrabora Palm Beach Parklands

Tarrabora was saved from development

This reserve has weathered many storms of looming change, from the late seventies when powerful commercial interests wanted this location and neighbouring Berree Badalla mangrove reserve for development into a high-rise hotel and marina. The location is stunning so where there is beauty and potential and opportunity commercial interest emerge.
Tarrobora is Kombumburri for ‘Islands in the Creek’ and this was seen over the summer combined with the high tides and heavy rainfall, with some parts of this reserve waterlogged. Water running freely behind the beach and through the central strip of bushland the way it would have over a hundred years ago before we set foot here.

Many have worked to preserve this piece of bushland

The Gold Coast and Hinterland environmental Council (Gecko) and their volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure this area and many others like it continue to be protected for public recreation and conservation. Cool mornings you will see spiders spinning their webs
On their website they make reference to changing the signage to reflect the original meaning of the name Tarrobora and other recommendations which I hope will now be implemented. However there is one concern I have and that is the amount of dogs in the location.

I love dogs but….

Let me just say I am a dog lover and take great pleasure in seeing them run and frolic in the designated areas along the lagoon and ‘Currumbin Spit’ that piece of bushland at south Palm Beach beyond tower 13 which is a designated off leash area.
Many times I have been walking through Tarrobora Reserve and without fail there is always someone taking their dog around the track along the back of the reserve on there way to Berree Badalla Boardwalk. This is a common occurrence and many walkers are very vocal about it.

More signage needed

Some dog walkers are a little confused about how to get to Berree Badalla, the signage is clear about NO Dogs! However I do believe it should be made apparent that there is an alternate route whether you walk along the footpath on the Gold Coast Highway and access the boardwalk via the south west corner of the reserve, if this falls within the scope of the current boundaries. Or you have to cross the Gold Coast Highway and access the boardwalk from…..

Keep your dog on a lead on the boardwalk

While on the subject of exercising your dog, many dog owners allow their dogs off the leash to roam through the mangrove on Berree Badalla Boardwalk. I know from a dog’s perspective it’s a tantalising place, alive with scents from all manner of rich organic matter. Dog owners should have more sense and keep man’s best friend on the lead and not to disturb this unique location full of birdlife and crustaceans.

Picnic area
In any event people exercising their dogs must be accountable and vigilant to make sure they are keeping and assisting in maintaining the ‘Islands in the Creek’ for continued use for all parties.

Where is Tarrabora Reserve?

This Reserve is part of Palm Beach Parklands check out the map below for full directions.

View Palm Beach Parklands in a larger map

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  1. […] You may notice that in the first part of the video you see a new section of boardwalk which was recently replaced, you can clearly see the new timber and it seems to have withheld the storm. I haven’t checked the location in the last few days but I hope the repairs are swift; this is a much loved walking location by many locals including dog walkers who use the boardwalk to link with Palm Beach Parklands, along the gravel road. (Not through Tarrabora Reserve) […]

  2. […] picnic along the beach facing the creek or sections of grassed areas, with views of Currumbin Rock. Tarrabora Reserve is next to the Pirate Ship Park and offers an escape into bushland, take a bush walk with the kids […]

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