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Laguna Park Palm Beach

Laguna Park Palm Beach

Tucked away in the sleepy suburb of Palm Beach is Laguna Park; most people refer to it as Laguna Park and Laguna Lake. However the real name is Elizabeth Sloper Gardens, more about that a little later.

Laguna Park Palm Beach

What is so special about this park?

Laguna Park isn’t a huge park; however it’s got something for everyone. One of the best features of this park is its beautiful lake and sweeping grassed areas under shady trees. If you are a walker you can actually walk around the circumference of the lake which is around 1 km. If you follow the pathway clockwise you will end up on Tahiti Ave, continue around to the grassed area in front of the homes, there is no defined pathway. Check the map below for more details.

This park is a great place to take your dog for a walk alongside the lake, there is also an off leash area. Read the signs and make sure you stay in the designated location.

What about the kids?

There is a large fenced children’s play area with an assortment of interactive play equipment that will delight children of many ages. The pedal power monorail is popular with children; however I will warn you if you have little ones and their legs are too short to reach the pedal, you could find yourself doing a lot of hard work to keep them entertained.

The aim is to wear out the little people not you!

Playground Laguna Park

There is also Liberty Swing for children in wheelchairs.

There are a number of barbeques and undercover picnic shelters, a very popular spot for children’s birthday parties. You can prepare the party while the kids are entertaining themselves on the equipment.

Laguna Park a perfect place for a quiet picnic

Feel like a coffee? Well just over the road at Lakeside Shops are two cafes, a bakery and convenience store everything you need for a perfect day out. Oh… I forgot the butcher, you don’t even have to bring sausages, just buy them across the road.

The Scenery

Laguna Lake is quite beautiful, especially during the early morning and late afternoon. I visited recently after we had some heavy rains so the lake wasn’t looking its best, but nonetheless I took these photos although the lake was looking a little murky from the run off.

Palm Beach Laguna Lake

If you like birds the trees are alive with boisterous parrots and birds of every description and speaking of trees, this is a well established park with huge palms and gum trees, very picturesque.

Want to get married or exchange vows?

Elizabeth Sloper Gardens

There is one more thing I just love about this park and that is the Gazebo/Rotunda. It has been strategically placed to take full advantage of the view. This small gazebo is nestled amongst tall Palms; you get the feeling you could be in some exotic location any where in the world and of cause you are! A wedding Ceremony in Laguna Park Rotunda would be one to remember. Check this link for bookings.

Elizabeth Sloper Gardens

I mentioned earlier that the popular name for this park was Laguna, however the real name is Elizabeth Sloper Gardens. We sometimes forget that most parks are named after an event or someone special. This park was named after a lady name Elizabeth Sloper, this is the inscription on the plaque at the entrance on the corner of Tahiti and Laguna Ave.

Elizabeth Sloper Park

Elizabeth Sloper was born in Murwillumbah on 10th January 1913 and trained as a nurse in Sydney. In 1938 she married Probyn Sloper in Townsville. They moved to the Gold Coast in the 1940’s.

Elizabeth Sloper was an active member of the community involving herself in senior citizens meals on wheels, St Paul’s Anglican Church and many conservation issues. Throughout her life she served the community with tireless effort.

Elizabeth Sloper Died On 26th November 1989.

Sophie Purcell Playground

The children’s play area was also named after someone special, a little nine year old girl named Sophie Purcell, here is the inscription on the plaque.

Sophie Purcell Playground

(1991- 1999)

Named 26th November 1999

This playground is dedicated in memory of Sophie Purcell who touched the lives of many people before losing her battle with a rare genetic disease.

The Laguna park area was Sophie’s favourite playground and she played here often with her brother and sister.

During her short life Sophie enjoyed looking forward to attending school and enjoying her hobbies of dancing and gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do.

Spohie’s determination to overcome her disabilities was a true inspiration to all those she came in contact with.

Why not plan a visit to Palm Beach’s Laguna Park, bring a picnic and soak up the atmosphere.

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