Don’t look at the million dollar properties on Jefferson Lane- Palm Beach

Jefferson Lane Palm BeachJefferson Lane Palm Beach – this beach cottage was demolished a few years back

Take a walk along Jefferson Lane Palm Beach before it’s nostalgic past is gone and when you do walk along this stretch try to restrain yourself from thinking about the ‘Beach Shacks’ on land worth millions.

Think about the wonderful memories of ‘Brisbanites’, local and interstate summer holidays that were drenched in family laughter and children’s screams of delight because they are at the beach!

 Walking along Jefferson Lane Palm Beach is like walking into the past… the lane still has many old fibro houses, beach shacks….derelict,  dilapidated , ram shackled.

Whatever term some may use about these ‘living history structures’ they are part of the nostalgic roots of the Gold Coast.

Areas of Palm Beach still grip tightly to the old Gold Coast.. if it was lost; things would never be the same.

Palm Beach History

However having said that, many of these structures are disappearing, love them or hate them…. yes there are all kinds of issues and reasons for them being removed …progress, asbestos issues etc.

But when I walk along Jefferson Lane I don’t see their dilapidated conditions, I see hot summer days, Pandanus trees, clear blue water, running on hot sand, cool mornings, cool northeasters, shimmering moonlight on dark waters, barmy evenings, thunderous waves during stormy nights, salt laden air, locals wandering across the highway with their morning tea or coffee to check out the surf… the list could fill pages.

These memories are part of not only local Gold Coaster’s history but also the hundreds and thousands that have paid a visit since 1923 when the Palm Beach Estate was first opened, their children are still coming to this wonderful place called Palm Beach.

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Along this first section of the Lane on the beachfront before Fifteenth Ave, are a couple of good examples of early beach shacks, (at the time of writing) if only these walls could speak what stories they could tell, from Jefferson Lane gossip to weather events where their very existence was threaten by beach erosion.

Walk starts at 17th Ave- walk south to Lacey’s Lane…enjoy the walk, and then have a coffee in one of our Cafes

Check out the old days – Palm Beach History

See you on my next walk…

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  1. I,too, have wonderful memories of holidays in one of those “beach shacks on The beach in Jefferson Lane.. It was owned and built by my husband’s parents. We had family holidays there before we married; after we married, when we had our two children, and then with our grandchildren. I have been a widow for 20 years and for economic reasons, had to sell a few years ago. I love Palm Beach with all its memories, and I bought a unit not far from the old house. I cried when I read your story…happy tears for all the family memories, but sad, too, because I had to let the house go. I am happy that my children and grandchildren have lovely memories of good times when life was much more simple.

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