South Stradbroke Island

Whale Watching

‘R.I.P June Glover’

Whale Watching

Recently I had a day out whale watching on the Gold Coast with Gold Coast Island Adventures (Tall Ships).

It was wonderful, over the years I’ve always headed north for the experience, this was largely due to the fact that we didn’t have an option on the coast.

Therefore I encourage all you ‘gold coasters’ to go out whale watching on the water instead of watching from the beach.
I was actually invited by my father and his girl friend June, on this trip.

We were very fortunate and experienced seeing a couple of juvenile Humpback Whales, who circled the boat for quite some time surfacing and disappearing and they finished their inspection with a bit of tail- slapping.

I did some quick research about this, seems like the jury is out on the verdict on what it actually means.

The commentary in the video below gives a couple of explanations. I’d like to think it was a friendly act.
It was a perfect day for a cruise to South Stradbroke Island, the water was like glass, we arrived at McLaren’s Landing (Tipplers) which always makes me think of Gilligan’s Island, just love the laid-back feel of the place.

Had a hearty BBQ lunch and left my companions sitting ‘on the dock of the bay’.
 McLaren's Landing


I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooh

I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Wastin’ time  ~Otis Redding~



My job here was to investigate any walking trails, the end result is… I will be coming back for the day with my backpack some lunch, hat and water.

Definitely a day out walking here on South Stradbroke Island, you can walk in both directions, up to the Airstrip and down to Couran Cove Resort. Although I wouldn’t leave it till the summer, it could get very hot.

So if you are interested in Fauna & Flora and don’t mine walking on sand put it on your list of walks to do

On the way back we were privilege to see quite a few kangaroos on the beach, I felt a bit like a tourist and if I were an overseas visitor I would be impressed with this beautiful sight, along with Stradbroke Island as a backdrop.  (sorry no photo)

Here is the link to Gold Coast Island Adventures

 I can’t give you anymore details because I haven’t done the walks. However if any of my readers have, please leave some details it would be much appreciated.

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