Coombabah to Paradise Point

Coombabah to Paradise Point

Coombabah is a beautiful part of the Gold Coast and one area you should visit. It’s not on the list of most visitors to the Gold Coast, but none the less it’s one of those hidden gems in suburbia waiting to be discovered.

Signage Myola Section
Make your way to Oxley Drive and head for Hansford Road Coombabah for the start of this scenic drive and walk.
What’s so appealing about this area is that you can take a short walk along a boardwalk part of Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area then drive a short distance and walk on the pathway beside the Coombabah River.


Drive to the end of Hansford Road and onto Myola Ct, on your left will be signage ‘Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area – Myola Section’  this is the start of the Coombabah Boardwalk. It’s up to you how far you walk you can walk beyond the boardwalk for some distance. Check this post out for more details. The bushland opposite is part of the Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, which is full of wildlife and a great day out.
After you have finished exploring the boardwalk, make your way along Myola Ct to the Esplanade.


 On the Esplanade you can walk along the pathway alongside Coombabah River all the way to Daisy Elms Park admiring the beautiful view and quaint houses which face the river. You may be fortunate enough to see houseboats floating on the quiet waters and if the timing is right the trees may well be full of parrots.

I’ve walked this area a number of times, however try arranging an early morning or late afternoon visit.  
When I walk I always try to think of how a visitor would view the location. This is a challenge because we are all so different and our backgrounds have a huge influence on how we perceive the location.

House Boat on the Coombabah River

This place reminds me of my visit to Florida especially walking along the Coombabah River near Daisy Elms Park. One of the times I walked this area the trees were full of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and I couldn’t help but think how international visitors to the Gold Coast would have been in awe of the sight and location and sounds and it’s ours… anytime we want!

How to get there…

 I know there are many who would like to visit these hidden, off the radar gems in suburbia but have no idea where to go beyond the main stream of suggested locations.

How do I know this? Because I’m one of those visitors when I travel overseas.

After you have had your fill of walking it’s time to head to Paradise Point, which is just a hop skip and a jump for a refresh and refuel. Paradise Point village feels like a little Noosa.

Paradise Point Foreshore

The Broadwater is quite beautiful with both Ephraim Island and Sovereign Island connecting to Paradise Point via two bridges; they are both gated communities with security.  I haven’t walked the bridges yet but it’s on my list.
If it’s a weekend the lawns alongside the foreshore will be busy with picnickers, definitely a beautiful spot to plan another visit.  From here you can walk the pathway and boardwalk all the way to Salacia Waters and do a loop around back to Paradise Point Village.
Check the map out and plan your scenic drive and walk around Coombabah and Paradise Point. There is a lot packed into this page, you just might want to check out one area and drive the other for your next visit.


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