Things to do on the Gold Coast this Weekend

Things to do on the Gold Coast

How about this weekend you take a scenic drive through the Gold Coast Hinterland add a short walk to the day through pristine rain forest and then finish the day off by hopping over the border to Northern NSW to enjoy coffee and cake in a train.

The 'Old Saw Mill' Cougal Cascades Walk
The ‘Old Saw Mill’ Cougal Cascades Walk

Sounds good to me, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Gold Coast local or on holiday I bet you haven’t done this in a while and no doubt some of you have never done it!

Your day will go something like this

  1. Head for The Cougal Cascades Walk, Currumbin Valley along Currumbin Creek Road. Enjoy a lovely walk through the rain forest with plenty of viewing platforms to soak in the sight of the Cascades, read all the information plaques of the history of this location. Visit the ‘Old Saw Mill’ (there is an additional walk beyond the ‘Saw Mill’ but that’s for another day)
  2. Head back along Currumbin Creek Road and turn right at Tomewin Mountain Road, continue along this road and stop at Freeman Lookout on your right this is the site of the ‘banana flying fox’, bananas were hauled up from the slopes below. After soaking up the view take note you were at that location a short while ago Cougal Cascades Walk. (on the valley floor)
  3. Back to the car and continue along Tomewin Mountain Road through the NSW tick gates and on to 385 Tomewin Road, Dungay the Red Rattler Gallery for coffee and cake.
Red Rattler Gallery open times
Red Rattler Gallery open times

Visiting the Red Rattler Gallery is a fitting end to a morning or afternoon drive, however keep in mind that the Red Rattler Gallery is only open from Wed – Sunday
The time frame for this scenic drive and walk will depend on how long you spend at Cougal Cascades Walk.

A more detailed account of these locations are in recent posts.


Gene and his son Jhett were enjoying tea and cake, the first time they had visited the Red Rattler Gallery.Enjoy coffee and cake at Red Rattler Galley

See you on my next walk…


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