The Spit

The Spit

I know without doing a survey that many Gold Coasters haven’t driven down Sea World Drive to the Spit in a while, this is especially true if you live on the Southern Gold Coast. 

Bum's Bay


Many are familiar with Sea World and the wonderful day out they can have, however beyond ‘Sea World‘ is another world, a world of wind swept heathland where birdwatchers sit quietly for hours waiting for that precious sighting.

A world of walking tracks meandering along a magnificent coastline with towering sand dunes draped in native grasses and where native flowers can grow undisturbed.

Walking track on Federation
This is a world of pristine waterways that change colour with the mood of the day teeming with marine life; this is a place for those after that perfect wave.

A world for boaties whether they need to moor in Bum’s Bay/ Marine Stadium or skim the surface for a thrill. This is a world where you can glimpse the white sands and sea spray of South Stradbroke Island from a rockwall that is hundreds of metres off shore.This is our world.

The Spit Break

There is another world an underwater world few have seen that is also under threat and perhaps the most vulnerable of all.
There are looming clouds on the horizon, calling for development of this unique location. They disappeared for a while but now are building again.Check this link out for full up to date details.

Personally I am not against some improvements:

For those not familiar with the Gold Coast Spit and associated areas

here are a few things you can do and see…

  • Walk along the Sand Pump Jetty for a small fee
  • Fish from the jetty
  • Take a stroll along the seawall and if the day is right watch surfers skilfully riding the waves
  • Glimpse Stradbroke Island with its white sands beckoning you for a visit
  • Walk the Federation Walk starting from Phillip Park through bushland, with groves of Macaranga trees and She- Oaks
  • Take your dog for an off leash walk, a place where he can run like the wind.
  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast or a crab sandwich for lunch at the cafe
  • Bring a picnic and take your pick of where to set up.
  • Escape for a fish from the rocks to the open beach
  • Moor you boat in Bum’s Bay and chill for a while.
  • Go for a family bike ride along the trails

And much much more….
The Gold Coast Spit MapWhen I hear about the proposed development for this area it makes me shiver.

This unique place should be cherished not scarred by development.

Can you imagine the impact of development anywhere on the Spit, waterways or land?
Take time out to visit the Gold Coast Spit while it remains wild and free and experience the Gold Coast on foot…

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  1. Hi there, where’s the best place to have a BBQ at the spit or close to surfers paradise? I would prefer to be near the water although it’s suppose to be raining this weekend. I am meeting with friends and family for my birthday but tryin to find the right place to tell everyone. Thanks ?

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