Razorback Outlook Tweed Heads

Razorback Outlook Tweed Heads

Razorback Lookout (Tom Beatson Outlook)

Tweed River with the old Pacific Hwy
Tweed River with the old Pacific Hwy

This location was brought to my attention recently and I am ashamed to say I had forgotten about this lookout. It wasn’t even on my list of things to do in fact I don’t think I have visited this location since I came back to live to the Gold Coast. Arriving by car you will pull into a large shaded open asphalt area, and will see a concrete ramp with a pipe railing support disappearing into a canopy of trees.  This is truly a lookout with a difference.Walking up the concrete ramp you are compelled to look down at the plants growing alongside and what appears to be under the ramp and marvel what they are sitting on. You have a distinct feeling that you are entering another time zone.

Local Tradesmen leave their mark

Arriving at the top of the concrete ramp and looking around, you get the impression that you are entering someone’s private backyard.

It’s really quite amazing! Most lookouts follow a certain setup, views and fencing but this lookout your eyes are searching for the house that belongs to this garden with its manicured lawn.

Mick & Lyn from Ingleburn NSWThis small Plateau perched high above Tweed Heads with its 360 degree views is quite unique. Not sure where this location is?

Walking around Razorback Lookout you have panoramic views of Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast Hinterland, including Mount Warning truly a photographer’s delight!

There is a plaque of appreciation from Apex for acknowledgement of local tradesman and supply of local materials in the construction of this site.

This is where the time zone is, the rock edged manicured lawn tells a tale of years gone by; this was 1957, 53 years ago. If only this landscape could talk, I’m sure there would be many a story.

Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

Check out the latest walk to Razorback Lookout at the link…

Best Kept Secret Razorback Lookout

While I was busy snapping photos, I met a couple visiting from Ingleburn New South Wales.

They were standing admiring the view below; apparently they stumbled on this Lookout by accident some years ago.

Back holidaying on the Gold Coast they decided they were going to find it again, before leaving to go back home. A few days before I came up to check it out and there was a couple having a Sunday picnic on the lawn, watching me taking photos, I was told to keep it a secret, so I’m only telling you.


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  1. My grandparents had a weekender in Broadbeach, but loved Tweed/Coolangatta. We’d often grab seafood from the old Markwell’s (this was the late 60s) and wander up to the top of Razorback. There was an elderly woman living in a house just near the walkway, with a pet sulphur-crested cockatoo, and a nearby honesty-box for Lady Finger bananas. Even back in those simpler times, it was a special, refreshing place to go.

    If anyone thinks that they have an idea of what the lookout looks like, think again. It is massive and pristine. A long park, with plants of every kind bordering it, atop a hill. Go there. Just go there.

    • Tagan

      This is sad news indeed I’ve been away and only heard about it before leaving. I don’t totally understand why, this is part of not only Tweed Heads but also the Gold Coast local history.


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