Peacocks in the park

Peacocks in the park

Can you think of a place on the Gold Coast that isn’t a wildlife sanctuary, where you can see beautiful peacocks in their full plumage, not just one but many?

Peacock in Macintosh Island Park

And if you are fortunate enough, observe the male displaying his full plumage and be awestruck.

Then go for a walk amongst towering trees with manicured lawns beneath your feet and with the occasional high-rise emerging from the tree canopy reminding you of your location.

Wander down to the waters edge and gaze at the reflections of high rises shimmering in the sunlight.

Take a Walk across a suspension bridge that was one of only four finalists in the 2008 International Footbridge Awards for design.

Go for a swim in the ocean, come back across the footbridge and picnic under the cool tree canopy and be entertained by a myriad of birds, and where seagulls aren’t the dominate species.

From this location you can travel on the light rail north or south and stop and visit some of the most popular restaurants on the Gold Coast and even go to a show.

Or you can walk to one of the trendy people watching places on the northern Gold Coast for a coffee.


Many of you already know which park I am talking about… not just any old park this is Macintosh Island.

Not sure where it is?

When you descend the slopes to the water during the winter, the temperature can drop dramatically, sending a shiver through your whole body, so you can’t hold your phone or camera still to take a photo…reminding you to move back to the warmth of the sea air.  This happened to me last winter.

This is a special location and if you weren’t familiar with the Gold Coast you could miss it.

Macintosh Island is a little piece of paradise right in town so to speak, making it one of the parks to visit whether you are local or a visitor.


Macintosh Island ParkA little history 

Some research produced some interesting facts about this island and next time you visit you might look at it a little differently.

I’ve always wondered where the name came from. After a bit of digging into some old newspaper articles some facts were revealed.
This island protected people during fierce cyclonic weather, it’s got a rich history in the rowing fraternity being associated with a former well known officer of the Lands Department, and a prominent sportsman in the 1920’s.

Mr. Huge Macintosh a keen member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Club and a participant in its sailing events. He was closely identified with the early history of Southport, and an island in the Nerang River is called Macintosh Island.  Source
In February 1954 a cyclone hit the Gold Coast and Macintosh Island was surrounded by flood water. The high ground on the island was refuge to twenty two people who had to be rescued. Source

 It must have looked vastly different 60 years ago. It’s only by viewing it from the air or on Google maps that you realise it is an island.

It’s sad that the old timber suspension bridge is long gone which undoubtedly gave the location its nostalgic charm. However the Gold Coast is moving forward and some things we just don’t have control over.
If anyone has any photos of Macintosh island’s timber suspension bridge please let me know, I would love to put them on this page.

Hope you can find the time to visit Macintosh Island and experience the Gold Coast on foot..

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